Shane Taylor Welcomes Any Partnership That Will Actually Help ROH, Says ‘Keep The Door Closed’ If It Doesn’t

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Shane Taylor Welcomes Any Partnership That Will Actually Help ROH, Says ‘Keep The Door Closed’ If It Doesn’t

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Trios wrestling is becoming increasingly more popular in the United States, and Ring of Honor is currently leading the charge with the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championships held by Shane Taylor Promotions.

Shane Taylor recently spoke with Spencer Love of Love Wrestling about all things Ring of Honor. When the subject of his current reign (alongside Moses and Kaun) as ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions came up, he spoke about the chip on his shoulder he has and how it’s similar to the one he had when he was the ROH Television Champion.

“A little bit of both. I mean, I’m in a position where I know for a fact that people didn’t want me on this platform,” Shane Taylor said. “I know for a fact that they didn’t want me to have the success that I’m having. They didn’t want it to happen. They didn’t feel that it was good; they didn’t feel that it was something that we needed to promote. Yet, here I am. I take stuff like that personally,” he said. “I already have a chip on my shoulder. That only makes it bigger. When you do that, to me, you give me all the incentive in the world to make you look stupid. For me, it’s about proving it to those who didn’t want it to happen, but also proving it to those who’ve been supporting me from day one.

“I want to go out there and have the very best match possible, the very best fight possible, the match that everybody is leaving that building talking about. And for the better part of the last four years. I feel as though when you’re making that list of who [has done] that in a talented roster like we have with some of the very best of all time in ROH, my name is at the top of that list, if not the top two or three,” Taylor proclaimed.

“So, to be able to perform that way, to be able to be that consistent, to be able to not only do it myself but elevate my guys with me, to have us all be on that same platform? To me, that’s what it’s all about, and any championship that I hold, to me, is the one that is the most important and is the one that everybody should be gunning for. The things that I represent,” Taylor explained, “I feel as though truly represent the spirit of ROH, when their mission statement was, we’re the baddest here, come prove us wrong.”

The eyes of the fans are currently on the company to see if they will eventually walk through professional wrestling’s forbidden door to All Elite Wrestling. Taylor was asked about Ring of Honor possibly working with more companies and who he would like to face, and he said he welcomed any and all challengers.

“Any and every trio could get it,” Shane Taylor declared. “A lot of people have been tucked away behind borders or in other countries kind of just holding on to trios titles. They’re not doing the things with those titles that we’re doing with ours. So, if people want a unification fight to see who the greatest trio is in the world of professional wrestling, I welcome it.

“I welcome anything, any partnership, that’s going to actually help Ring of Honor. If it doesn’t, then keep the door closed, in my opinion. But, if it helps Ring of Honor, then great. Historically, that hasn’t been the case. This is what it is. But, I have said, and will say and will continue to say, Ring of Honor, from top to bottom, has the very best roster in all of professional wrestling. I don’t believe it’s something that we need, but again,” he noted, “if it is something that the fans want, and it’s something that helps Ring of Honor, then I’m all on board.”

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Would you like to see Ring of Honor open the forbidden door and work with other companies like All Elite Wrestling and IMPACT? What trios team would you like to see challenge Shane Taylor promotions outside of ROH? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.