Shane Taylor Issues ‘Official Mission Statement’ Regarding His Ring Of Honor Status

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Shane Taylor Issues ‘Official Mission Statement’ Regarding His Ring Of Honor Statusshane taylor

Ring Of Honor World Television Champion Shane Taylor issued the following statement in regards to his current status with the company. Yesterday, ROH announced they had agreed to terms on a contract buyout with Taylor, who has been unhappy with how he’s been promoted by the company.

After an emotional week, here’s the OFFICIAL MISSION STATEMENT from Shane Taylor Promotions.

“Shane Taylor Promotions is going to be a company dedicated to promoting and advertising the hottest professional wrestling talents in the world, with the Ring of Honor World Television Champion at the forefront.

We’re currently in contact with numerous wrestling companies, in regards to partnership one of which is Ring of Honor.

While I’m incredibly humbled by the support over these past few days, Shane Taylor Promotions is about me, my legacy, my mark on this sport and being the biggest star that I can possibly be. It’s about highlighting my accomplishments, and using my platform to its fullest capability to make myself more than just a professional wrestler.

Ring of Honor took a chance on me when nobody else would. The talent they’ve done that for reads like a who’s who list. Ring of Honor has the best wrestlers and the best competition in the world, they have a legacy and reputation that are unparalleled that’s evident when you look at the stars in other major companies.

I don’t believe Ring of Honor officials expected me to rise to the very top of the company and outgrow the expectations and platform they had for me, but now that I have, I need a company that’s big enough and willing to facilitate what THIS star truly deserves.

So it’s because of that loyalty, that opportunity, and Ring Of Honor’s original belief in me that Ring of Honor will have the first opportunity to negotiate with Shane Taylor Promotions on a new deal, that gives myself and others the platform, and the opportunities needed to shine.”

More details coming soon…
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