Shane McMahon will always be warmly welcomed to join AEW, asserts Tony Khan.

Shane McMahon will always be warmly welcomed to join AEW, asserts Tony Khan.
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All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan has responded to rumors about the possibility of Shane McMahon, son of former WWE CEO Vince McMahon, joining his company. Khan conveyed his respect for McMahon’s professional capabilities, stating that he would always be welcome within AEW.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso from Sports Illustrated, Khan also discussed the speculation about Shane McMahon making a move to AEW, as well as the ongoing media rights negotiations, the latest AEW Dynamite episode, among other things.

Regarding the whispers about McMahon’s interest in his company, Khan said, “I heard the rumor he might be interested. I’ve never met Shane, but we have a lot of mutual friends. I have a lot of respect for him as an executive and a professional wrestler. Shane is always welcome in AEW.”

As for the renewal of AEW’s media rights with Warner Bros. Discovery, Khan detailed amiable discussions. He mentioned, “We’re having great discussions with Warner Bros. Discovery. I have a great relationship with [Warner Bros. Discovery CEO] Mr. David Zaslav. We’re fortunate to work with him and his team.”

Khan also expressed his desire to welcome Shaquille O’Neal back in AEW, admiring his respectful behavior backstage. He stated, “I would love to have Shaq back in AEW any time he’s available.” He mentioned how Shaq juggles multiple roles aptly and considers him the greatest celebrity wrestler in wrestling history.

Reacting to the fact that Shaq and Sting remain undefeated in AEW, Khan again expressed his desire to have Shaq back. Commenting on the upcoming AEW Dynamite in Buffalo, Khan highlighted the presence of Jon Moxley, the highly decorated wrestler, in the lineup.

In addition, Khan is also looking forward to the TBS title defense by Mercedes Moné at Forbidden Door against New Japan Strong champion Stephanie Vaquer, considering it a significant event in AEW history.