Shane McMahon Might Be A Madman, But O’Shea Jackson Has A Soft Spot For Generational Wrestlers

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Shane McMahon Might Be A Madman, But O’Shea Jackson Has A Soft Spot For Generational Wrestlers

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O’Shea Jackson has a soft spot for generational stars like Shane McMahon because he knows what it’s like being in that position himself.

Jackson was this week’s guest on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette and talked about the position generational talent find themselves in, and their desire to carve their own path in their respective careers. The son of legendary rapper Ice Cube, Jackson knows what it’s like trying to break out on your own and holds a lot of respect for wrestlers that grow up around and in the business.

Noting how Cody Rhodes has been able to do his own thing with All Elite Wrestling, Paquette and Jackson talked about how there are two sides to the story when it comes to legacy performers.

“I have a soft spot for Shane McMahon, I have a soft spot for Charlotte [Flair], The Usos. Everybody assumes that—yes it’s easier. But they look at the gift and they don’t look at the curse. The curse is that drive to even want to do it. There’s a burn that happens when you’re the first,” Jackson explained, “but when you’re the second-generation or third-generation, your life has been great because of the first, so you know, it’s just like ‘chill.’ But there’s a ‘want’ that has to happen for you to want to be on your own two feet that certain people in our position, generational, don’t have. And it’s OK! Your parents work hard so you don’t, you don’t have to! But those people that gotta get their ass up and get it done?”

“I would yell—at WrestleMania 32, Shane [McMahon] climbs up and jumps off of the Hell In A Cell, I yelled, ‘Shane, you’re a billionaire! You don’t have to do this!’ But he does, because he knows he’s laying his footprint. Shane McMahon has had some fuckin’ matches that Vince McMahon would never do.”

Renee would go on to mention that Shane’s done plenty of things that Vince would never do, and Jackson joked that he always does in a fresh pair of Jordans too. Both agreed that Shane is nuts for some of the stunts that he attempts, but it’s all part of who he is.

Renee: “He’s a madman. He works and functions—you’re Vince McMahon’s kid, you’re going to function on a different level.”

OJJ: “[Shane is like] ‘I’m gonna go hard as shit!’ [Look at] King Of The Ring [2001], ‘Kurt, throw me through this fuckin’ window.’ [Kurt says] ‘They’re telling us not to, Shane…’ [Shane’s like] ‘Do it!’ You’re a sick fuck!”

Renee: “Yes! 100%, he is a sick fuck. He got into a helicopter crash and was just like, OK. I remember hearing that and I was like, ‘Shane, are you OK?’ and he’s just like, ‘Uh, it’s fine’ and just dusts it off, back in the ring. What?!?!”

OJJ: “Here comes the fuckin’ money! For real, I got a soft spot for generational talent. I’m rooting hard for Bronie, LeBron James Jr. It’s difficult as fuck.”

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