Shane Douglas on Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn | WCW Revolution

Shane Douglas on Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn | WCW Revolution
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Shane Douglas on Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn | WCW Revolution
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That is one other glowing real wrestling grappler. International Rob Ross we obtained a couple of questions about this uh he would fancy to know your suggestions on the Revolution and the design in which the revolution took location uh after I had gotten there and it grew to change into obvious to me that the flare element used to be no longer going to be given the time it must possess been given.

Uh the same element I did in ECW every gargantuan promotion I've grown up watching had that that heel real that ran roughshod and uh you admire Residence of Humperdinck later before Horsemen and also you admire the Courageous brothers and all these miniature blocks of things that possess been given this level of time to bear once you observed that entity all for an angle.

You're fancy oh [__] Horsemen are right here or oh [__] the dwelling bumperding's right here so I assumed in ECW we wished to heal staple and be be contributory to the firm and the promotion and it labored so when we obtained there and it grew to change into obvious to me that the flare element used to be no longer going to be given its time that they kept kicking around this idea.

I'm doing a brand current four horsemen I despise doing current anything because that's already been completed to perfection anytime you grunt four horsemen the followers that straight away bear that you can well well grunt current four horsemen Four Horsemen two four horsemen Redux no subject the followers scoot loyal support to flare iron Tully and JJ and those guys uh so uh I you admire this.

Used to be a huge gamble now there's Chris and and Ben Crispin Juan Dean Blanco uh we are able to't attain three because we did that within the final one we now possess to realize four in a or a optimistic number uh two can't basically be a you admire a uh real so fancy I started working these suggestions to my head after which I assumed it used to be Perry uh you admire Perry used to be repeatedly a dauntless and ring.

Performer to me and we repeatedly obtained alongside inconceivable so I assumed let's assign these four guys collectively as we reach up we are able to realize the same element as I did with aptitude within the ECW Elevate me as a heal by I assumed on the time turning on flare after which right here in WCW we can locate loyal into the digicam and grunt possess been better than the four horsemen.

Um and so they went with the postulate to a sure level there used to be a uh two incidences that came about uh the most major one used to be within the uh Palace Hills Auburn Palace uh Palace they name the Palace Hills Arena um where Wrestlemania 3 used to be they sent us to the ring we possess been.

Threatening to burn an American flag which you couldn't attain at this time after 9 11. and uh they sent uh Hacksaw Jim Duggan down I'd known Jim for years and undoubtedly trust him with the 2 by four um so we had a obviously choreographed uh Perry would feed him first take the shot.

I'd feed him 2d take the shot he'd battle by us we'd minimize him down after which Brett would reach out and develop the assign as he's working to the ring you understand it's most frequently fancy my I labored with reading glasses and and most frequently I get the quite loads of colours and stuff mild lights and things of the building most frequently things are laborious to display screen for me.

And uh as he's working to the ring I'm thinking one thing looks abnormal fancy what and I'm fancy squinting to strive to display screen him so Perry he gets up on the air and he hits Perry and I then it's Ben I as he's working what looks irregular to me is the board's going fancy this boy Robert I don't bear it's appropriate some optical phantasm loyal what am I having a locate.

At after I peer him hit Perry the element bends you admire fancy form of fancy a Gumby doll and it's curved and he's making an strive to straighten it out and I yelled to him sorry Jim I ain't feeding that I Dominated and uh that we did the leisure of it and Brett came out and made the assign the warmth within the building that evening by every the Beatdown of gym and the risk.

Of burning the American flag used to be about as laborious as I'd ever seen warmth and there's money that would possibly well be drawn in that especially with the backward and forward that we observed with Brett once he hit the ring he would possibly well well be our next Target after I obtained to the support JJ Dylan acknowledged to me that used to be the most disgusting element I've ever seen.

And I acknowledged you possess to possess spoke up on the reserving assembly and uh because but again these items's all planned loyal right here is all on paper before we scoot accessible and accomplish it so within the event you had a question or a understanding of you possess to possess acknowledged it them uh but I know warmth and that form of heat will procedure in fact that evening I urged the guys within the dressing room uh locate.

The foundation of fancy heading out to a bar by ourselves or no subject potentially wouldn't be a apt idea uh because that form of heat will generate somebody to stab you most definitely shoot you no subject I acknowledged we now possess to possess collectively the least bit events whereas we're doing this because none of those guys had ever completed that form of heat stuff to that level.

And I knew this used to be a optimistic form of heat we possess been seeing it's completely a warmth that would procedure money uh it used to be no longer long after that that they made up our minds to develop the exchange in Bookers and uh Kevin Sullivan's title used to be being thrown around I'd repeatedly gone alongside glowing with Kevin but I effectively how attain I grunt this the warmth.

Between him and Chris supposedly I'd repeatedly believed to be a piece and unless this came about uh there possess been several events there used to be one level I went actual into a assembly we all went actual into a assembly with Bill Banks used to be it Banks yeah and also you admire he used to be very open and we talked very openly I had secretly.

Recorded the uh mini cassette recorder in my pocket in case one thing used to be acknowledged that you admire would possibly well well be feeble later um so I aloof possess that someplace in my dwelling uh but this then began fancy a elaborate a two three day duration of where fancy loads of.

Extraordinary stuff used to be going down fancy we would get to the building and and learn that our match had been canceled or taken off of 1 of our suits and Monday evening we possess been we had a pay-per-search Sunday in Cincinnati we possess been in Columbus Ohio for tv on Monday we all obtained there had the assembly with Bill we're all completed catering at varied.

Capabilities and right here comes stable loads of security walking in and I peer them one stroll over to Chris Ben and Juan and a couple of them stroll over to Dean and observed the Perry and I locate up and right here comes a couple of them walking over to me so that you admire we get kicked out of the building and support on the lodge that evening we possess been all packing.

Our stuff up to cruise dwelling and unbeknownst to me I didn't know at that level that these guys the quite loads of guys had threatened their resignations I by no plot did uh you admire I wasn't going to and so this was fancy a month-long bracement game of brinksmanship loyal fancy uh Diana Myers the league Council.

What what this mainly boiled all of the vogue down to used to be she used to be pissed off that wrestlers possess been making more than her because she observed us as Crow Magnum neanderthals and the design in which dare we be allowed to develop extra money than her I acknowledged to her one time you settle on to possess to position a pair of boots on him tights I'm optimistic he'd scoot accessible and give it a strive uh within the event you settle on to possess to develop.

More money um yeah there's loads of abnormal abnormal stuff I acknowledged earlier and this used to be appropriate one more of the offshoots of that and that evening on the on the lodge on the uh Airport we're all getting on the level of scoot to the airport for our flights dwelling and we made a pact I bear uh Conan used to be there I.

Deem Ray Ray used to be there being Chris Perry me uh there possess been about seven or eight of us sitting around the table we drank a couple bottles of Beaujolais wine because that's what Chris loved and why and we all promised to stick collectively that anything one of us right here will allotment with the others right here is when the corrupt uh uh Connecticut remodel.

Name you admire comes into me from uh from Vince Russo so uh I was no longer hearing the general stuff I had gotten segment of the stuff where we all promised to stick collectively after which these guys had gone Rogue on the support of my support um which but again I don't fault that all people a minimum of 1 of them says locate out for our our easiest hobby but uh.

With Dean it's despite the indisputable truth that we've every assign it on the support of us uh there's aloof a miniature little bit of you admire why there you admire because oh I'd ask why after I spoke to Dean that day I acknowledged appropriate give me a heads up you admire my predominant other used to be lastly after eight years of infertility treatments pregnant and he used to be effectively responsive to the the emotional stress that.

Used to be appealing with that and I acknowledged appropriate give me a heads up I obtained a bun within the oven I obtained a predominant other I obtained a house to defend right here so it's let me veil my ass and he swore to me after which which I stumbled on out about 10 minutes later that's an hour and 10 minutes later that explain used to be used to be no longer proper uh appropriate things fancy that but it it uh there possess been loads of.

Oddities fancy that happening on the time and I assumed I bear this form of covered with several questions we've had to this level fancy the current blood and the Revolution and and this passing of the torch that by no plot came about uh in which that you can peer fancy the rev the Revolution and the current blood used to be form of decapitated in one.

Transfer uh and but again an strive to strive to relieve that energy with with the uh the guys that possess been now clearly getting over the hill so uh all on every occasion he talks in regards to the death of WCW there are a thousand substances that went into that um and fancy this used to be completely one of those things all these items possess been the general same element killing the firm a.

Runt bit by death of a Thousand Cuts and it used to be appropriate a subject of time before the Body Hit the Ground foreign places
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Shane Douglas on Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn | WCW Revolution

Shane Douglas on Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn | WCW Revolution