Seth Rollins Surprises Radio Host’s Mom On The Air, Says Feud With Heel Roman Isn’t In The Cards

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Seth Rollins Surprises Radio Host’s Mom On The Air, Says Feud With Heel Roman Isn’t In The Cards

Seth Rollins says he thinks we’re past the point of trying to get a feud with a heel Roman Reigns, but he will continue to chase a match with CM Punk.

Rollins continued his media tour this weekend and he stopped by the Abe Kanan Show, where he was asked about a hypothetical situation where Roman Reigns would turn heel and do a heel stable with The Usos. Adding context, Kanan said Seth and Dean Ambrose each turned on their Shield brothers so it’s time for Roman to do the same and asked for his thoughts.

“We can fantasy book all day long, I don’t think where Roman is at in his life it would even be possible to boo him. He’s such a nice guy,” Rollins said, “and his story is so incredible. He’s in a different place right now, so who knows. And he’s my brother, I think we’re past that. Ambrose has moved on, The Shield has had a good six years where we were the focus of everything WWE. Like I said, fun to fantasy book, but it’s time to move forward.”

When asked about another fantasy booking that’s been on people’s minds, Rollins said we’d have to ask CM Punk if that match is going down. Rollins laid down the challenge for a WrestleMania 36 match during his interview with Kevin Kellam on Friday morning and told Kanan that Punk’s the one that has to show up.

“I called him a coward, I meant it. He sits behind his desk and he throws his little opinions out there. Back it up, dude. Come do something about it. You’re not an elderly statesman, you’re 40 years old. You can still fight. Come on, let’s go.”

On a lighter note, Rollins also surprised Kanan’s mom, who thinks that Seth is the most handsome man ever, on the show during his appearance. Check out her reaction below and the full interview at this link.

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