Seth Rollins Steals The Spotlight From CM Punk On WWE Backstage, Talks Being Booed & Social Media

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Seth Rollins Steals The Spotlight From CM Punk On WWE Backstage, Talks Being Booed & Social Media

Seth Rollins

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

CM Punk wasn’t in the FS1 studio for WWE Backstage this week, but someone who was in the house was Seth Rollins.

Rollins, who has been trying to ignite the flame of getting Punk back into the ring, sat in as a guest on the show to discuss the straight edge elephant in the room. Seth didn’t have much to say regarding the subject except that he’s here and Punk isn’t:

“To be honest with you, I’m here he’s not here. I’m not shocked about that, but I think I exhausted all my energy on the subject. I just don’t think it’s going anywhere. I’m not shocked that he’s not here so I think it’s time to maybe move on to something that matters. Look, I wish he was here I wish we could have a face to face, but it’s not in the cards so let’s talk about something that matters.”

Booker T then asked Seth about what his mindset is as far as how he’s been handling the boos from the fans – has it effected negatively or has he been channeling it as a motivator?

“So I think that it’s both, right? I think that it’s something that it effects you whether, whether you want to fess to it or not. You read the comments, you see, you hear the small segment of the audience that boos me cause look, let’s be clear, this is not everywhere. I go to Little Rock, I go to Germany, I do live events all over the world and I’m not getting booed, alright? It’s not happening. There’s a small contingent of our audience that’s very vocal on social media, but you see that you hear that you read that, that effects you.”

Seth may have been positioned in similar spots akin to John Cena and Shield brother Roman Reigns, but The Architect isn’t against pushing back on the negativity and criticism.

“I’m not a guy that’s like Cena and is gonna going to put fake motivational quotes on Twitter or like Roman and kind of hang back, and look, to each their own,” Seth said. To me I’m passionate, I love this business I love this place, I love what I do every single day and if someone wants to take a shot at me I’m not going to be afraid to push back.”

Seth was then asked about social media and he sees it as a double-edge sword. He does see the potential positives yet potential pitfalls of having a presence on social media and what can do for a wrestler.

“It’s tough cause it’s a double-edge sword kind of thing, you know what I mean? I think that now we’re so reliant on social media, you said that’s the go-to,and so I run a wrestling school and my kids have to promote themselves on social media. That’s how they get their characters across, that’s how they get their bookings and stuff like that and so it’s the same with WWE. When you see talent who’s frustrated one of the first things they do is go to social media whether it’s to try to pave their own way or complain or whatever it is.”

Seth adds, “If I’m not out there being ‘cringe’ with my Tweets, then what do you guys have to talk about? So I’m just saying, I’m saying you know what I mean? What’s bad publicity when it comes to Twitter, to social media? I don’t know.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can watch the full segment with Rollins below: