Seth Rollins Responds To Fan That Questions His Support Of Indy Wrestling: ‘Don’t Cross That Line’

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Seth Rollins Responds To Fan That Questions His Support Of Indy Wrestling: ‘Don’t Cross That Line’

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Photo Credit: Zach Spangler / 101 WKQX

Don’t question Seth Rollins‘ love for independent wrestling.

Professional wrestlers get a lot of grief on social media. While most ignore it, some take it head on to either enhance their gimmick or a variety of other reasons. Former WWE Champion Seth Rollins has been known to interact with fans on Twitter over the years, but there are some lines you shouldn’t cross. One which was pointed out by Rollins late last night.

Yesterday a fan said they believed that Rollins now looks down upon independent pro wrestling even though that’s where he came from:

“Might be an unpopular opinion but I feel like Seth looks down upon indy wrestling these days although that’s where he’s come from and what gave him his first shot,” a fan said in a now-deleted tweet.

This tweet captured Seth Rollins’ attention and his response is probably why the tweet is now deleted, replying with:

“I train up and coming independent wrestlers at my school…that I’ve owned and operated for nearly a decade. Not only do I NOT look down on the indies, but I actively support them with my time and effort. I’ll stand for a lot of malarkey on this app, but don’t cross that line,” Seth Rollins responded in a tweet.

Fans can easily forget sometimes that a majority of WWE Superstars continue to play their characters on social media. For someone to question Rollins’ love for independent wrestling is the perfect example of lines getting crossed because it couldn’t be further from the truth.

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What do you make of Seth Rollins’ comments? Have you ever questioned his love for independent professional wrestling? If so, why? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.