Seth Rollins Reflects On NXT Origins At Hometown Event

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Seth Rollins Reflects On NXT Origins At Hometown Event

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Photo Credit: Zach Spangler / 101 WKQX

In an extra from the recent Seth Rollin-centric WWE 365, The Architect takes to the ring during a hometown NXT event to look back at the brand’s incredible growth since the days that he was headbanging down the entrance ramp. The mere fact that the brand traveled from Florida to Iowa was “mind-boggling” to Seth, and we see a promo he gave when the brand was still known as FCW.

We also see Triple H rallying the FCW troops and revealing that it would be taking on the NXT name, which is an interesting piece of the puzzle for any historian of WWE’s third brand. Even then, Triple H says that he wanted it to be WWE’s third brand. It took some time to truly get there, but this year’s Survivor Series has solidified that idea in many’s eyes.

For that insight and more, you can check out the sample clip below or the full WWE 365 streaming now on the WWE Network:

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