Seth Rollins Prepared To Be SmackDown’s Savior

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Seth Rollins Prepared To Be SmackDown’s Savior

seth rollins

Photo Credit: WWE

Seth Rollins was the number one overall pick in last year’s WWE Draft, and while he didn’t have that distinction this time around, Rollins was drafted to Friday Night SmackDown, where he’ll look to make a new name for himself. Talking backstage with WWE, Rollins relished the opportunity, saying he was ready to become the savior SmackDown needs.

When asked if he feels as if he was overlooked, Rollins said that where he was drafted didn’t matter to him. Instead, Rollins chose to focus on the fact that he was the first non-champion drafted, the first superstar to change brands, and could become the most talked about superstar in the draft. Rollins was then asked what fans of SmackDown can expect to see from him, and he said that not much has changed. Fans can still expect to see Rollins share his message, as “the greater good” has yet to come to fruition. Needless to say, it seems as if Rollins is ready for his SmackDown career to begin, as are the fans.

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