Seth Rollins Expresses WWE’s Independence from The Rock

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In an interview with Good Morning Football, Seth Rollins spoke about the belief The Rock will have a match with Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 40. 

Rollins, who is now expected to defend the World Title against Cody Rhodes at the show, said Rock is welcome, but WWE doesn’t need him.

 “Look, man, if The Rock wants to jump on the bandwagon, ride my coattails into WrestleMania, that’s totally fine with me, man. That’s fine with me. Look, I get it. WWE’s as hot as it’s ever been. We are selling out arenas, stadiums, any place we go right now is huge. We just inked two massive deals, Smackdown to USA Network and Raw, my show, which I’ve been anchoring for the last decade, just signed the most lucrative television deal in the history of professional wrestling, with Netflix, which is gonna be a game-changer, starting next year. So we are living life right now, man. We are huge. For The Rock to want to come on board now, jump on my WrestleMania, get his toes wet, I get it. So mad respect to him and everything he’s done outside of here, and everything he’s done for our industry. So I got no problem with The Rock jumping on and doing his business for us, man. We appreciate having him. Like I said, he’s riding my coattails. He just needs to remember that. There’s no heel there, that’s just accurate information. You can look it up. There’s data. Look at the numbers. Look at who’s been on Monday Night Raw for the last ten years more than anybody. It’s me, it’s this guy. I get the credit, not him. So he can come in, he can get what he wants. He can take his little piece, and then he can go back to Hollywood and do his thing because we’ve got this thing. We don’t need ya, we’d love to have ya, but we don’t need ya, big guy.

In a recent interview with Good Morning Football, WWE superstar Seth Rollins discussed the possibility of The Rock having a match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40. Rollins, who is set to defend the World Title against Cody Rhodes at the event, expressed his thoughts on The Rock’s potential involvement and stated that while he is welcome, WWE doesn’t necessarily need him.

Rollins acknowledged the current success of WWE, highlighting the fact that they are selling out arenas and stadiums and have recently signed two massive deals with USA Network and Netflix. He emphasized that WWE is at its peak right now and doesn’t necessarily require The Rock’s participation to continue thriving.

However, Rollins also expressed his respect for The Rock and recognized his contributions to both WWE and the entertainment industry as a whole. He stated that if The Rock wants to join WrestleMania and ride his coattails, it’s fine with him. Rollins acknowledged The Rock’s star power and the impact he has had outside of WWE.

Despite his welcoming attitude, Rollins made it clear that he believes he deserves credit for being the anchor of Monday Night Raw for the past decade. He emphasized that he has been consistently present and dedicated to the show, and therefore, should be recognized as the driving force behind its success.

Rollins concluded by reiterating that while WWE would love to have The Rock on board, they don’t necessarily need him. He stated that The Rock can come in, get what he wants, and then return to Hollywood to pursue his other ventures. Rollins emphasized that WWE has everything under control and is capable of thriving without The Rock’s involvement.

This interview with Seth Rollins provides insight into the current state of WWE and the potential involvement of The Rock at WrestleMania 40. While Rollins welcomes The Rock’s participation, he emphasizes that WWE’s success is not dependent on it. This perspective showcases the confidence and self-assuredness of Rollins and the WWE as a whole.