Seth Rollins Expresses Interest in Facing Aaron Rodgers in a Match

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Seth Rollins was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated to promote the upcoming WWE WrestleMania 40 pay-per-view event.

During the interview, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion was asked which pro athlete he’d most like to curb stomp. This is an easy one for him – it’s Aaron Rodgers.

As many of you know by now, Rollins is a huge fan of the Chicago Bears and Rodgers’ tenure with the Green Bay Packers has led to many losses for the Bears.

Rollins said, “It’s got to be Aaron Rodgers, man. I’m a Bears fan – I had to deal with that for years and years and years. Just suffering, him just owning my team. By the end of it, he was just making light of it because it was so easy for him. I’d love to put a boot in the back of his head. That’d be great.”

In other news, WWE programming will be returning to A&E later this month with new episodes of WWE Rivals and WWE Legends Biography. The following episodes are scheduled for the Sunday block on February 25th:

* 8:00 PM ET: WWE Rivals: Triple H vs. The Rock – “Embarking on parallel paths to the top, The Rock and Triple H battle each other both in the ring and behind the scenes; Freddie Prinze Jr. and luminaries including Kevin Owens, Johnny Gargano and John “Bradshaw” Layfield break down this epic rivalry.”

* 9:00 PM ET: WWE Legends Biography: Randy Orton – “Third-generation WWE superstar Randy Orton battles personal demons and substance abuse issues while working to become one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation.”

Seth Rollins Reveals His Dream Opponent and WWE Programming Returns to A&E

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins shared his dream opponent from the world of professional sports. Rollins, an avid fan of the Chicago Bears, expressed his desire to curb stomp Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rollins’ choice of Rodgers as his dream opponent stems from the long-standing rivalry between the Bears and the Packers. Over the years, Rodgers has consistently led the Packers to victories against the Bears, causing much frustration for Rollins and his fellow Bears fans. Rollins mentioned how Rodgers made light of the situation due to the ease with which he defeated the Bears. The WWE star expressed his desire to put a boot in the back of Rodgers’ head, a move known as the curb stomp in professional wrestling.

This revelation from Rollins adds an interesting twist to his persona as a WWE superstar. It showcases his passion for his favorite football team and his willingness to bring that rivalry into the wrestling ring. Fans will undoubtedly be excited to see if this dream match ever becomes a reality.

In other news, WWE programming is set to return to A&E with new episodes of WWE Rivals and WWE Legends Biography. Starting on February 25th, fans can tune in to A&E for a Sunday block of wrestling-related content.

The first episode at 8:00 PM ET will feature WWE Rivals: Triple H vs. The Rock. This episode will delve into the parallel paths taken by The Rock and Triple H as they climbed their way to the top of the wrestling industry. Viewers can expect insights from Freddie Prinze Jr. and other wrestling luminaries such as Kevin Owens, Johnny Gargano, and John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

Following WWE Rivals, at 9:00 PM ET, fans can catch WWE Legends Biography: Randy Orton. This episode will focus on the life and career of third-generation WWE superstar Randy Orton. It will explore his battles with personal demons and substance abuse issues while striving to become one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation.

The return of WWE programming to A&E is sure to excite wrestling fans who have been eagerly awaiting new content. With WWE Rivals and WWE Legends Biography, viewers will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the rivalries and personal journeys of their favorite WWE superstars.

Make sure to mark your calendars for February 25th and tune in to A&E for an evening of captivating wrestling programming. Who knows, we might even see Seth Rollins take on Aaron Rodgers in the wrestling ring someday!