Seth Rollins Assumes He’ll Cross Paths With Tommaso Ciampa Again, Talks The ‘Element Of Chaos’ NXT Adds To WWE TV

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Seth Rollins Assumes He’ll Cross Paths With Tommaso Ciampa Again, Talks The ‘Element Of Chaos’ NXT Adds To WWE TV

Seth Rollins hopes he gets a chance to face Tommaso Ciampa again and give fans the match they want—and deserve.

Rollins spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam on 101WKQX Chicago yesterday and spoke about the experience of having three major brands in WWE right now. NXT has joined the fray in the build to Survivor Series and Rollins says the yellow brand might be getting some favorable treatment, but they’ve certainly earned it and they have added an interesting dynamic to WWE television.

“They’ve got a ton of really talented guys and girls down there and they’ve been making waves and earned their spot. They got the television show on USA Network on Wednesday nights basically on their own, building it from the grassroots from where we were,” Rollins said, “seven years ago at this point—but they’re doing well. It’s certainly added an element of chaos and there’s a lot more bodies to go around, so it feels like every show is unpredictable. You never know when something’s going to happen. Is it overkill? Maybe, but it’s been a fun couple of weeks at the very least.”

Fans got to see a glimpse of what could be when Rollins brawled with Tommaso Ciampa on Wednesday night’s episode of NXT. Relating it to a drop of blood in a shark tank in giving the audience a small taste of a fantasy match, Rollins says a potential singles match with Ciampa is certainly an exciting idea.

“Yeah. Obviously the opportunity to match up with fresh guys is cool and I’ve gotten the opportunity over the past couple of weeks to do that in the ring. Whether it be Adam Cole or WALTER or mixing it up with some of the NXT guys who have come to RAW to make some waves,” Rollins said, “it’s been a blast and Ciampa’s a guy that I’ve admired for a long time from afar. He and I never really crossed paths in the ring, so that was really the first interaction that I can recall and sort of the first interaction where we’re both at different levels.

“I can only assume at some point down the line our paths will cross again,” Rollins said, “hopefully in a one-on-one contest and we can give fans who are clamoring for a match of that caliber the one that they deserve.”

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