Seth Rollins Assumes He’ll Cross Paths With Edge, Says He’d Be ‘Happy To Answer That Call’

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Seth Rollins Assumes He’ll Cross Paths With Edge, Says He’d Be ‘Happy To Answer That Call’

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Photo Credit: Zach Spangler / 101 WKQX

Seth Rollins sets the table for another high-profile feud.

Rollins recently spoke with Justin Barrasso for Sports Illustrated and he was asked about the potential of him feuding with Edge now that he’s returned to competition. Fans will remember Rollins famously attacked Edge (who was still retired) and forced John Cena into reinstating The Authority in 2014.

Rollins says he’s not sure how long Edge will be around but he has to assume that Edge would want to finish things considering how their last interaction ended.

“I can only assume that our paths will cross. I don’t know what Edge’s contract looks like, and I don’t know where his story with Randy Orton is going next, but I enjoyed their match at WrestleMania and I look forward to their match at Backlash.

If I were to guess, putting myself in Edge’s shoes, I would think he has some unfinished business with Seth Rollins. I can only assume, at some point in time, he’s going to come calling–and I would be happy to answer that call.

Edge is someone I’ve admired for a long time, and he’s someone I’ve been compared to a lot of times in my career. It’s something I never thought was possible, but I think it would be a cool callback to the story you mentioned from all those years ago. Now that it’s on the table, I don’t see why we wouldn’t address it.”

On a lighter note, Rollins and Becky Lynch told the world they are expecting a baby and while Rollins was not involved in the televised announcement, he does think it was a great way to share the news and helped put things in perspective.

“I thought it was perfect. We hadn’t told that many people about it, aside from close family and friends, and I thought it was perfect to watch her go out and tell the world in exactly the way she wanted.

I was backstage right behind the curtain watching on the monitor, and it really hit home. That was the first time it really felt super real that we’re going to be parents. Life is about to change for the rest of our lives.”

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