Seth Rollins Admits He’s Clueless On WrestleMania 36 Status

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Seth Rollins Admits He’s Clueless On WrestleMania 36 Status

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Photo Credit: Zach Spangler / 101 WKQX

WWE Star Seth Rollins took to Instagram live yesterday to answer some fan questions. This took place on his Deadboys Fitness Instagram page. As you can imagine, most people simply asked him about WrestleMania 36 and if it was going to continue as scheduled.

Rollins admitted he has no idea what will happen just like the fans. Rollins said, “I don’t know. Don’t ask me questions. I am not in charge of that. I go where they tell me. This Monday I’ll be in Orlando at the PC doing Raw in front of nobody just like SmackDown was on Friday. Probably just how NXT will be on Wednesday. WrestleMania, nobody knows. So just wait for further announcements from WWE social pages.”

Rollins went on to also say that his personal Deadboys event taking place in Tampa is also pending at this time. It seems that everything going on in Tampa that weekend will all rest on the shoulders of WrestleMania. We are now just three weeks away from WrestleMania and as of this writing it is basically the only major sporting event still planned to continue on schedule.

You can see the full video from Rollins below. When do you think an announcement will be made on WrestleMania? Comment below and let us know.

14th March, 2020 Deadboys Fitness Instagram Live Video #SethRollins #DeadboysFitness

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