Serena Deeb Got A Bonus For Shaving Her Head, Calls Working With CM Punk A ‘Learning Experience’

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Serena Deeb Got A Bonus For Shaving Her Head, Calls Working With CM Punk A ‘Learning Experience’

Serena Deeb was this week’s guest on AEW Unrestricted and the former Straight Edge Society member talked about her experience working in the stable fronted by CM Punk. Deeb was asked about working with him and her favorite moment in the group, and she talked about Punk’s strong personality and how he fights for what he believes in before pointing out her WrestleMania 26 appearance as a personal favorite.

“It was a learning experience working with somebody like Punk. He has a very strong personality and he has very strong beliefs, so he will fight for those beliefs until the day he dies and he will not apologize for it. I think that’s what got him really far in wrestling and gave him a lot of success. Not only that, but that’s a quality that I think really worked for him. He would speak up,” Deeb said, “and he would speak his mind and if he didn’t like something, he would communicate that. There were several times when he didn’t like something and it was changed, you know? So, I learned a lot from him just in terms of confidence. He’s somebody who I really admire in that in that realm.

“I think favorite moments, I mean, obviously doing [WrestleMania 26 when] Punk wrestled Rey Mysterio. And actually, probably my favorite moment the entire time managing was in that match,” Deeb explained, “when Punk was on the ropes ready to take the 619. Rey hit the ropes and I hopped up on the apron [to stop him], and there were 72,000 people there. It was in Phoenix, and I mean, the boos—literally across my back, I felt these boos just standing out there the apron. This little 5-foot-4 girl in this huge stadium and the people were so mad in that moment, and it was just an awesome feeling.”

Schiavone interjected and said if fans really knew her, she wouldn’t be getting booed because she’s a good person in real life and credited her for a job well done. Deeb also talked about shaving her head for the stable, as another fan asked if she was paid more to go with the bad look. “I was given a bonus,” Deeb said.

Aubrey explained that she had no idea it was Serena in the Straight Edge Society, and Deeb said she gets that same response a lot on social media. “I’m often tagged in [posts where] people have that realization that it’s the same person,” Deeb said. “There’s a lot of surprise.”

In another portion of the interview, Deeb also spoke about another decision to change her appearance for wrestling by getting breast implants. After being told she probably wouldn’t make it in the business back then without having the surgery, Deeb was hired by WWE within six months of the procedure. Deeb says she made a professional decision to go through with the surgery, and also made a personal choice to get them removed. Deeb says she never received any criticism over having them removed and says she feels great now, but it was a sign of the times by having the procedure in the first place.

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