Sean Waltman Preparing For An In-Ring Comeback, Launches New Podcast

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Sean Waltman Preparing For An In-Ring Comeback, Launches New Podcast

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

For many wrestlers, getting WWE Hall of Fame ring can mark the end of their careers as active wrestlers. But just a month away from his second induction into the prestigious hall, Sean Waltman made it clear that he wants to wrestle as soon as he recovers from his latest surgery.

Waltman recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and stated that he has his sights set on an in-ring return. Like other legends, he wants to end his career on his own terms.

“I’d be psyched to have more matches in a WWE ring,” says Waltman. “If they’re not interested, there are a lot of other places putting on great matches, too.”

“I didn’t leave this business on my terms. I wasted a lot of years of my life wandering around in the darkness, but I’m grateful that I still have some time left and the style has changed, which is good. The bumps are more meaningful than in my era, which is a difference, but they bump less. That extends your shelf life.”

The former WWF Tag Team Champion explained that, once he’s healthy, he think he could hold his own with today’s wrestlers.

“I watch the product now and I think, if I had both knees under me, I could keep up with a lot of these guys, said Waltman.

He acknowledged that he’s near the end of his career as an active wrestler, but he’s confident that he could have a few matches. If people want me, I’ll do it, but I am also mindful of being an older guy taking up too much oxygen. That’s not what I want. If there is some room for me to have a few matches, that’s all I want.”

Waltman recently had surgery , and he’s still recovering because he’s had several issues with his knee throughout his career. Barrasso notes that Waltman could realistically be 100% by January 2022.

In the interview, Waltman also discussed the launch of his new podcast, Pro Wrestling 4 Life. The show, co-hosted by Waltman and Nick Hausman, will allow Waltman to engage with the business that he has loved for many years. Waltman recently cancelled his previous show,

“If there is anything in this world that I don’t struggle to express myself about, it’s wrestling,” Waltman says. “Y’all have seen me on TV since I was 19, when I was on ESPN [with the Global Wrestling Federation]. I’ve been setting up rings since I was 10. I’m a wrestling guy, and I’m really excited about this new show with Nick.”

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No matter what Waltman’s future in the ring holds, fans will be able to hear his thoughts about wrestling on a weekly basis starting on April 1.

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