Scott Steiner shoots on the FRANKENSTEINER | Wrestling Shoot Interview

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Scott Steiner shoots on the FRANKENSTEINER | Wrestling Shoot Interview
On this Wrestling Shoots video Scott Steiner talks about how he came up with the FRANKENSTEINER as his ending switch.

Colossal Poppa Pump doesn’t protect help on other wrestlers calling it the hurancanrana

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My WWE Wrestler says this plugin is fine! the legendary switch of yours the frankensteiner and i do not forget that that the interview that you and rick did on tv predict you guys uh what’s that switch what's the name of that switch and rick announcing one thing to the contain of successfully other folks contain a unpleasant face when my.

Brother jumps up in the air to present him that switch and and in addition they're so insecure it appears treasure frankenstein is coming so we're going to call it the frankensteiner correct a standard traditional uh interview there scotty and no one had ever seen a switch treasure that at the time you introduced it in.

Here due to did you see it someplace after which correct utter i will be able to contain that no no i i i correct i made that's the switch i made up you know it's it's uh everyone tries to contain it now i mean a lot smaller guys nonetheless one of the main guys known as her karana nonetheless it's customarily it's a switch i invented and uh.

I i after all correct regarded as it and did it one day and other folks appeared as if it can treasure it and so i i roughly knew that could be a thrilling ending switch and and and it correct took off the fans loved it you know it took off big man everyone everyone used to be searching to contain it.

and a lot of other folks correct couldn't pick out easy recommendations to contain it occur i bear in mind i used to be working the indies pretty intently help then and uh and the actual person we used to work with up in north carolina would it not would enlighten every match to destroy out the frankenstein or at least two or three.

Times correct and i mean they loved it everyone loved it it used to be insane and treasure i said no one ever seen one thing treasure that earlier than and and likewise you proceed to destroy it out regularly to at the moment time uh yeah uh customarily i contain it off prime rope now it's treasure uh nonetheless that switch treasure i said that switch took off.

And to at the moment time other folks other folks are trying and copy it yeah nonetheless the fans peaceable treasure it they toddle nuts when i contain it you
These shooter and wrestler are rather principal!

Scott Steiner shoots on the FRANKENSTEINER | Wrestling Shoot Interview

Scott Steiner shoots on the FRANKENSTEINER | Wrestling Shoot Interview