Scott Hall on AJ Styles, Undertaker, Nakamura, Shane McMahon

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Title: Scott Hall Shoot Interview
Recorded: April 3, 2016
Dwelling: Contemporary Orleans, LA
Solid: Scott Hall
-2- Digital camera Shoot w/ 1 Sony Cam, 1 Walk Pro
-Submit-edits had been made within the Title Match studios by Premiere Pro CC
-Music: None
-Hosted by Telly Bistis (Title Match Media LLC owner)
-Digital camera Crew: Telly Bistis, Omar Abilmona
-Studio Rights: Title Match Media LLC (by Title Match Wrestling, Title Match Community)

Title Match Media LLC talks with Scott Hall regarding the Undertaker, Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles, Shane McMahon, Chris Jericho, Jim Cornette, the Bullet Club, the Hulk Hogan vs Gawker lawsuit, Injuries in wrestling, video video games, the Young Bucks, NJPW, Brusier Brody, NXT, TNA and so noteworthy more!

Chapter Likelihood:
00: 00 Scott Hall Intro
00: 19 Wrestlemania 32 Main Match Concept
01: 01 Shane McMahon vs Undertaker
02: 16 The Contemporary Scott Hall/Razor Ramon DVD
03: 13 Cody Hall & the Bullet Club
04: 19 The Young Bucks
04: 49 Why Jim Cornette is not any longer continually valid
05: 56 Kevin Nash desirous to realize more highspots early on
06: 47 Paige and Saraya wrestling company in England
07: 13 Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson
08: 18 The AJ Styles and Chris Jericho feud & TNA
11: 36 Injuries plaguing the WWE
13: 43 Why Scott loves NXT, are they appropriate raiding the indies?
15: 16 Shinsuke Nakamura & Sami Zayn
16: 35 Hulk Hogan vs Gawker lawsuit
19: 06 Fan Request #1 Concept on Raven interview
22: 03 Fan Request #2 Inventive Storylines & Razor Ramon vs 123 Kid Storyline
24: 53 The injurious faceplant on dwell TV
27: 40 Fan Request #3 1st chair shot ever become from Bruiser Brody?

Produced by Title Match Media within the middle of Wrestlemania 32 weekend.
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I cherish pro wrestler, because they are natty. hey-up
recount hello to the harmful guy and I’m
smuggling you up you’d like to strive
title match wrestling the total frigid cats
are I suggested triple Eight’s with
Shawn Michaels in his corner versus
rains rot Roman reigns with rock in his
corner and special guest
Daniel Bryan I’m allowed to contain
opinions brother I’m abet within the fold
man I’ve been abet for two years now
so I respectfully maintain
suggestions I’ll plod on list of
appropriate about every to contain appropriate about
keep in mind final one year every concept man
cherish man how sweet become a expose
final one year appropriate might perhaps contain to you believe you studied I’ll
prepare WB inventive guys or Soleil they
don’t know what they’re doing then they
plod oh yeah by the formula bang Russell mania
moment for you valid came about final one year
that’s the final one year I predict Shane and
Taker are gonna rock it cuz Shane will
attain anything in bro did you ogle how appealing
a shape he he debuted cherish two weeks within the past
and you ogle him final Monday on Raw and
whilst certain what up moderately of bit he’s
bought cherish abs cherish whoa
he’s no longer contested oh no nonetheless I
mean he’s young he’s figuring out laborious he
looks superb and he is loopy
he’ll attain anything so it’s gonna be superb
I predict I wish that match would plod on
final I’ve heard seemingly it’s no longer I wish
you had been gone final because man how attain
you prepare that
that’s preserve a watch on of the corporate I mediate
you can contain to light stop with that both map the
other folks aren’t gonna be at ease somebody’s
gonna bitch both map valid didn’t
nobody needs to ogle taker retire stated
made me pick her nonetheless I want to
coax him to realize that um nonetheless
no I mediate it’s thrilling I’m so at ease
Shane gran came abet and I wager so become
the relaxation of the sector rose in Detroit
man what a pop valid even he become moved
by it so I don’t know if I become
light actively on the roster and it
wasn’t the guy who left
I might perhaps if truth be told talk up more nonetheless now
I’m appropriate so at ease to be abet within the fold
bro I purchased a DVD popping out in July cherish
you kidding me I’m at ease to be abet and
what roughly enter did you can contain on the
DVD up to now as cherish mass selection I verbalize
you what they came to me and the guys
stated hey you might perhaps moreover right here’s the matches man
you’d like to point to anything
he instructed me that Brett came to
Connecticut and satiny self-discipline of commercial and scrutinize
the matches and did pictum I stated you
know what I want to I know what you guys
attain I’ve viewed the good of WV good
of DVDs I stated what you attain
whatever you will want man it’s cherish it’s
cherish him making an are trying to utter me contain a
match cherish I’m no longer going to maintain
suggestions to this dude who does this
for a dwelling
I stated tall fully frigid you pick
care of it whatever you don’t even quiz
me attain a couple issues I wasn’t too
at ease with and I did that because
I believe because I stated I know you guys
are gonna pick care of me you’re no longer
gonna build this out bury me so I’m frigid
with it plus appropriate regain the tackle valid
for the royalty exams brother your
son’s doing tall issues within the Bullitt
membership valid now yeah I’m in fact proud of
Cody he’s doing his contain thing the shoot
disaster cherish is I wager for some followers
they’re taking a scrutinize at going correctly Cody’s in
the cease myth line with high guys yes yes
now the reality of it now because now
that he’s been in industry moderately of bit
longer now he might perhaps moreover we might perhaps moreover talk hectic
wrestling to him and and he might perhaps moreover talk
it to me and he’s cherish dad
the plan back of working with these high
guys might perhaps contain to you’re young and green and tall
and regain cherish him is that they don’t desire
to realize
anything they didn’t are making an are trying to make a choice any
bumps they don’t desire you realize it’s cherish
whoa because they’re anxious because then
they needs to be because he’s apprehensive and
he’s cherish a tall tall regain kid
Jen nonetheless and he continually does a job nonetheless ogle
the appealing share about that is you’re in
there with the cease guys they normally continually
moderately of hook up mumble enact so he’s
studying the timing he’s cherish dad
most continuously I appropriate wish I become on the indie
scene in Georgia with you I stated what in
front of 50 other folks yeah you regain to realize
whatever you will want
nobody’s there and he’s in front of
sold-out arenas and god bless the young
bucks I’m taking a scrutinize ahead to seeing
these cats at Russell Cobb they’ve
been taking care of Cody and hooking him
up they normally elevate him to the ring they
stated they I possess with him and he stated up
he’s cherish our diesel cherish these cats
pick into fable themselves the rockers nonetheless
they’re both Shawn they’re so cocky
they’re so superb they know
entertain and regain over they normally expose my
kid love so I purchased nothing nonetheless love for
that apartment you introduced them up I know
some veterans had been severely
vital of who Cornett yeah I know
potentially berries me too nonetheless
what Cornett you’re no longer continually valid you
want to you’d like to label that the
industry has changed you both adapt
you regain left leisurely these styles of men
didn’t attain up in territories now all of us
Cornett guys cherish me all that we contain
the merit of developing in
territories with a TV pushed myth where
your characteristic on the card become your contain
2nd you don’t dive out of the 2nd
row because wager what they’re doing
that within the predominant match they’ll attain it
once a night time it become an total diverse
deal nobody
how many guys don’t superkick you might perhaps moreover
title the guys who don’t abet then abet
within the day with Sean nobody else did it
that become it nonetheless now these guys are
competing on this independency to regain
over so that they plod cherish screw you man I’m
doing my shit I mean your total thing I
tease Cody you ogle it in man
I verbalize Cody no decelerate wager what attain
high P work discontinue possibility pick the guy over
the cease first pick over nobody has viewed
that in four
that guys who know guys who had been in
strength in our industry will plod down
I mean they’ve viewed mumble mumble mumble tumble
down jump spherical and Cody went by means of
that cherish any tall guys attain I went by means of
it I member cab went to it Kevin wanted
to leapfrog me and hit me with a flying
shoulder tackle once I worked with him
in Chicago with Shaun on the launch air
ahead and Walter Payton on the launch air
keV wanted to realize it and I stated let me
regain this valid you’re the ideal guy in
the corporate and you’d like to guide faraway from
contact cherish k bro
I regain it you’d like to expose other folks you might perhaps moreover
pass nobody needs to ogle it you’re no longer
Rey Mysterio it’s no longer gonna scrutinize very
frigid no nonetheless I mean we did it and then it
didn’t and then he saw it abet I become
cherish no bro cherish didn’t maintain sense cherish
they don’t wanted I strive and verbalize Cody
other folks are making an are trying to ogle tall guys attain tall
issues cherish yeah it’s in fact frigid that
you might perhaps moreover jump on the cease row nonetheless you might perhaps moreover
jump all spherical nonetheless it doesn’t scrutinize that
appealing you’re gonna potentially regain disaster and
you’re 6-8 to 60 be a tall badass brother
I’m taking Cody to England with me for
Paige’s family the knight family has a
wrestling company there I went with them
prior to and assist them they lost their TV
pilot they’re going abet and made attain it
all once more
it’s known as waw wrestling and Cody’s
gonna be there pox is going to be there
mr. Anderson is there so he’s gonna be
spherical some appealing guys and you realize it’s
going to be so stress-free I’m so eager with
we for drag heard the followers bought to
take a look at that out too yeah
tall rivers this weekend the total time of
your son and about your total
Bullitt Club in fundamental I mean that’s
the tall rumor now exalted when did they
debut the atom date I’ve heard Anderson
I saw an image that Anderson become within the
PC in Atlanta I saw Matt bloom posted
cherish a selfie nonetheless his head so tall you
can’t no longer continuously ogle anything else nonetheless in
the background there’s a guy with the
bat too
and he become cherish so I mediate I’m at ease for
gallows correctly half of the Radisson – he can
work I’ve viewed them their stuff and he
your total arason issues moderately appealing
because he roughly is cherish are he has
that roughly mannerisms within the ring and
galas into Sam assemble such a appealing guy
he did whatever you will want he become Uncle
Fester prior to one thing valid that’s his
bestest and he did that moderately frigid he’s
proficient I cherish him pussy
anybody exhibits love to my kid I purchased a
love for him he’s a good talker Cody
instructed me he stated dad a enormous selection of conditions
sponsors pick him out he stated dad he
holds court docket he’s so silly he stated he did
valid verbalize tales he’s appropriate silly I’m
in fact at ease now – Cody gets to dangle spherical
with prior to AJ become over there AJ took
Finn Balor’s build correctly he become Prince
doubted that AJ took that build and AJ’s
superb and nonetheless anxious when the guys
doesn’t drink doesn’t attain medication cherish
young bucks don’t drink don’t attain medication
I’m appropriate at ease that my son is spherical
guys who’re on high who attain that because
they light plod out and achieve stuff and contain
stress-free nonetheless I came up an expertise when the total
high guys drank into medication
so that you just might perhaps per chance dangle spherical with him you roughly had
to and I’m at ease now he gets to dangle spherical
these guys they normally don’t I could appropriate
pull it up cherish video video games or
one thing’s valid frigid once I came up
mine become pong once I become cherish scrutinize you
realize it’s appropriate it become a diverse time
I’m at ease that I dwell to contain survived a
lot of my other folks within the the same you cherish
expertise didn’t maintain introduced AJ Styles Halen
he’s had that broad sequence with
Chris Jericho valid now how attain you can contain
you even adopted it in any respect yeah yeah
I’d scrutinize wrestling cuz my son’s on a
senior so I listen I
are making an are trying to you next T I’ll be at their expose
Friday um I mediate that it’s benefiting
Chris if truth be told profit from Chris and
Chris is a proficient heal
he when he first came up when
he become when he become in WCW I become there he
become being a heel nonetheless he didn’t are making an are trying to
be cherish frigid heel because he felt cherish
hitting the Beals doing that I’m doing
one thing diverse he become roughly cherish
whiney cherish nick keel and he bought out
when he had the lengthy hair and stuff the
whites of Jays stuff bought over superb that
become superb he had the coolest entrance in
wrestling and now he’s natty ample to
the frigid thing that Christmas he can
step in banging he’s relevant nonetheless I
mediate he if truth be told benefited by working
with AJ who can plod and an age age cosy
low to scrutinize at that Eastern thing he
knocked his teeth out with that spinning
backfist so I mediate it’s gonna be superb
I appropriate I wouldn’t contain completed the abet
prior to the abet forth I’d contain left him
collectively or I wouldn’t contain build him
collectively nonetheless I mean I wouldn’t broke him
up appropriate to regain a match at mania nonetheless
he’ll divulge they’ll plod within the market and
plod 15 18 it’ll be sweet it’ll be light
up on – ah so that’s what
they’re known as upon to realize they normally can
attain it man
what would had been an replacement
development you believe you studied to regain to this
match in mania instead what that did it
yeah correctly I might perhaps appropriate left him collectively
on a meta ticket match right here then that’s two
more other guys who can work they normally
might perhaps moreover rocked it AJ appropriate bought right here I don’t
left him single for a whereas nonetheless I might perhaps
I believed your total y2 it by the time
they came out with Murch for that then
they’d already determined to destroy them up
I appropriate mediate unhurried cherish they verbalize guys
decelerate within the ring how about unhurried
down within the self-discipline of commercial brother
the audience practically can’t preserve up with
that roughly storyline cherish I’ve identified a
Jason ogle cherish first began I become on
the first TNA paper when Jerry Jarrett
ran it stuff I become on that and and he
become there and he become superb then he’s so
young now he’s been all around the sector
nonetheless the
he’s nonetheless he’s superb I might perhaps
contain pushed him singly or I despise getting
a rub from Jericho ain’t harmful I might perhaps build
him with him nonetheless I for my share would contain
left them collectively they weren’t even
in fact over as a tandem and then they
broke abet up all once more I mean they already
had been feuding then they build him collectively
than they broke him up both let him
feud or build them collectively right here is my
point how noteworthy of it attain you believe you studied is
appropriate because as a consequence of cherish injuries on the
roster then ogle that’s one more thing –
I’m at ease – regarding the expertise today time is cherish
guys can’t work disaster it’s no longer up to you
it’s cherish a Third particular person going up
since you quiz the relaxation of they’re
continually going to work especially it’s
one more wrestler asking them who’s
worked disaster nonetheless now they pick it out the
guys arms yeah it sucks nonetheless wager what
cherish I appropriate saw a Randy Orton within the
green room he looks superb and now I
expressed to him don’t be in a mosey
abet cherish don’t be mosey this company
ain’t going nowhere you’re already a
predominant share anytime you are taking out to expose up
gonna be superb so you might perhaps moreover’t mosey
if truth be told and why why he’s a
thoroughbred he’s bought a flowers
I mediate that’s superb
I heard that in fact one thing I heard
a rumor somebody that somebody had
pulled the dawdle on somebody because they
had been injured and and then somebody stated
to triple-a cherish wow nonetheless the boss worked
when he blew his quad down in triple
aces response from what I heard I
haven’t viewed him in any respect asking what become
yeah and what I wish somebody
would contain stopped it cherish most continuously
this expose day when you regain disaster they attain out
of the ring they normally discontinue it cuz we are able to
scrutinize within the expertise when it become his sports
leisure nonetheless it’s light cherish precise
cherish no you might perhaps moreover’t appropriate plod I’m disaster
because correctly your total belief is to disaster
the guy cherish no nonetheless I’m in fact
disaster yeah correctly he’s in fact laborious followers you
realize it appropriate it become a diverse time and
a enormous selection of conditions ogle I came I become right here
prior to guaranteed money a enormous selection of oldsters
credit pass guaranteed money
they normally’re valid nonetheless your label
your money become suffering from qualified fortune if
you’re in a tall metropolis within the age of within the past
nonetheless can’t you appropriate plod within the market let me
ogle the replacement guys to work
spherical you nonetheless now you plod within the market then
you starting up feeling the crowd then you definately
starting up feeling no disaster and other conditions
there become guys attain right here to maintain this
and you realize it ideal works in opposition to it
because how man yes I’m in Cleveland I
don’t desire rocket cherish I’m in
Richfield it’s appropriate me a enormous selection of guys
had been disaster so what they’ll recuperate
they’ll attain abet I mean there’s a lot
of young guys that they might perhaps per chance perhaps moreover be
that comprises I’ve been all of the formula down to NXT twice I
like it there I cherish being across the
young guys the most they normally bought some
dudes now cherish cherish to play Sega it’s
cherish man they ogle what the hell you’re
appropriate raiding the Indies getting the
high-stop you guys yeah yeah because I’m
on my company to prosper whereas I create
young metropolis they bought some guys down there
I saw this one dude they call him
Constantine tall cherish Russian dude from
someplace Eastern Europe wow man with a
scrutinize and I become there when he had his
very first disguise they attain issues now at
the Ford Heart that the guys weren’t
appealing ample to maintain cities unit or plod out
to they battle within the efficiency
they’re appropriate for the group and the replacement
boys and it’s a hectic crowd being in
front of have to fail the wrestlers because
all of them know each and each other all of them work
out collectively so it’s huge launch it’s so
stress-free and this dude so I don’t desire them
guys I are making an are trying to plan close you quickly as you
from attain by means of the curtain k I
refer to
and the frigid thing about being cherish an
earlier faculty-time as most these guys grew up
watching me so that they’re cherish k and and
I stated bro cherish appropriate so that this oh
that become in fact appealing dude that and he
become cherish it went all of us my first time
ever I desire oh superb that right here is where
you’re starting from oh appealing I’ll ogle
you in a couple months you’re gonna be
cherish oh they bought some in fact proficient
guys there and the industry is gonna be
guys regain disaster that sucks I don’t
serve guys to work her it’s no longer
natty all that concussion stuff
that’s talking regarding the NFL hey we
don’t wear helmets I purchased a
miniature Dame price noteworthy occurring you talk
about your time at NXT one of the tall
characteristic matches this weekend is
Nakamura and Sami Zayn what attain you believe you studied
about these two guys in any predictions
held correctly k and ogle all once more
Nakamura I’m able to’t wait to fulfill him nonetheless
Cody has interacted in October in
matching Nakamura swandam cats who
he’s cherish Sal’s man cherish and then he’s
frigid and he comes I cherish him I’m able to’t
wait to fulfill him I predict yeah identical
places him over because then Zane’s gonna
be featured he’s already moved up they
cherish build him over Bolton you’re moved on
and uh yeah I mediate it’ll be superb Sammy
can plod man he can plod Nakamura
can plod it’s gonna be superb then XT is
the most correctly liked expose in metropolis everyone is conscious of
that attain you believe you studied that’s I’ll mess correctly
that jap-fashion yes since the NXT
crowds cherish attain on ogle hip young followers
yeah they’re the these that boo
reigns the these that will cheer
Nakamura and Sami Zayn Friday night time will
be booing cherish what they perceived
programmed Residence chosen seemingly they’ll be
booing it nonetheless bought a brand new sway its merged
cells cherish valid under Cena’s so under
you will want slows you listen brother
Hulk Hogan Gawker thing that appropriate
came about
Gawker appropriate came out the day before at present announcing
that they’re making an are trying to charm the case
contain you been following this yeah I contain
I know appropriate reached out to alternate and
I appropriate I instructed my brother hey
your total world is pulling for you it’s
time for you to maintain nobody makes a
better attain abet than Hulk and I become
talking to him valid prior to your total
decision came down and he’s cherish bro and
he came abet me stated man he goes he goes
the reps dropped take a look at the arm for the
third time he stated I’m engaging the finger
backward and ahead then he in parenthesis
she build thanks dusty because that become
dream stuff first and he stated I’m about
to starting up shaking that’s the brightest
awaiting me coming nobody doesn’t
topic and the frigid thing regarding the
charm yeah appealing for them wager what
Gawker the dude from Gawker comes across
cherish such a dick and he’s going correctly you
know I we continually execrable it on is it too
and is it attention-grabbing and this become both
yeah nonetheless whatever and what’s sweet about
within the court docket system in Florida is when you
are making an are trying to peel you’d like to post fifty
million dollars bond
so build up or shut up and I heard the guy
went on list announcing we’re ideal price
eighty three million anyway that’s k
we’ll pick that and appropriate maintain payments
within the future I hope realizes
too and warmth I saw midday interview now
he’s a ways more relaxed he’s cherish hey
hear and yeah I made the
racial slurs that I made a enormous selection of
mistakes I desire other folks to do not put out of your mind that
and all attain sorry bro if I’m talking
on turn right here nonetheless I care about to obtain to
keep in mind this become practically ten years within the past
he become going by means of that horrifying
divorce um his son had appropriate been Cut
had been a infamous relaxation crime sit with
his buddy
and Terry stepped up for all that assist
serve that he he didn’t abet away
from you that then his daughters in
stepping into hip-hop industry he’s paying
out for that and then I mediate he
realizes cherish wow the what I heard when
I spread I’m in right here I saw the
transcripts he become examining cherish
am i erases cherish practically quiz himself and
I mediate that hey everyone makes
mistakes I’ve been spherical a Hulk I’ve
never viewed him racist in any respect
I appropriate mediate he become cherish cracked nonetheless
anyway it’s all over now
he’s all yet all once more he’s tall babyface
she’s ideal profit within the country can
you might perhaps moreover anybody maintain a mistake yeah
there become one ultimate guy once I scrutinize at
it now it become Jesus they crucified him
so any everyone else falls wanting
that common
I’m at ease you’re abet dwelling
congratulations on the tall expend
tumble the leg leg tumble on Gawker we
couldn’t right here with Raven few years within the past
they normally took this out he become made bring
an appointment become producing the WWF
across the time I mediate to obtain in there
spherical 92 or so yeah I wager he become
doing moderately of form of author manufacture yeah
he become he become announcing bullshit his map
into that job that’s what he stated dude
appropriate bought known as appropriate act equivalent to
what you’re doing whatever he become announcing
that WWF at the time had a lengthy addiction of
bringing some the cease territory guys
burying them abusing them appropriate so that
other territories couldn’t employ them any
scrutinize examples of cherish Baron von Raschke
rip Oliver vogue bugger guys cherish that
attain you believe that did you ogle a lot
of them you had been there I if truth be told
wouldn’t contain build a guy who’s a hell of
a capacity cherish Wild Bill Irwin in a
hockey outfit with hockey goon boots
yeah ridiculous guy become a hell of a
capacity I mean awesome capacity
nonetheless they ruined they stated a enormous selection of guys
who had been in fact proficient territory guys
and appropriate abused them rip Oliver
they did hesitated a number on him Baron
von Raschke become a myth you
know is that this uh they normally introduced him in
took away German accent made him scrutinize
cherish the Emperor in Principal particular person Wars he become a
predominant predominant heel in Canada I mean he become
a tall superstar they introduced him in and made
him equivalent to this filthy
taking a scrutinize animal Terry Taylor become
a tall superstar I mean UWF
it become uh they normally made him into the pink
and first flee become with the Brooklyn
brawler that he did the job for issues
that’s no longer going anywhere
how appealing had been these guys didn’t know
running spherical I mean how how over become
booger appealing I mean attain on I mean you
can pick point and what I liked about
working for Avensis they build the cameras
on you it build the cameras at everyone
and you both regain out it’s demonstrate your
capacity or incapacity nonetheless attain it in
three two let plod I mean you were not
controlling the stop consequence nonetheless you’re in
preserve a watch on of all the pieces else I
worked with a booger I believed it become
brutal nonetheless he had a recognition to be
atop he Hill in Calgary and all that
k I didn’t ogle it I didn’t ogle that I
worked with him in WCW prior to that he
become in total lunatic
and he bought over moderately of bit roughly as
a goofy cherish gimmick thing as a self-discipline
for him on the card I don’t mediate it’s
cherish completed high perspective so I don’t ogle
whether I disagree with you Ravin
respectfully he likes to argue anyway he
would argue the purpose I’ve dangle spherical with
in my existence
Bruce Prichard introduced this up in an
interview he did right here is one more fan
predict about how Vince wanted to maintain
the tugboat Sheik tugboat and Russell
Hogan at mania seven within the predominant match
my first matey become nine so I wasn’t even
being attentive both the quote the
predict is cherish attain you keep in mind any
angles which will possible be any anything that become
cherish disguise Shevin become that hogan battle
it become Hogan slaughter at 7: 00 nonetheless attain
you keep in mind anything within the middle of your time
where it become roughly being talked about
cherish what the hell is what you guys
taking into account right here’s a
plod anywhere I came alongside in an expertise when
issues had been moderately appealing creatively
because cherish I had a appealing humor on his
razor nonetheless then in definite markets followers
cherish a groovy heel so then they starting up up to
attain with the events noticed this he
is conscious of what goes on within the total cities
since the brokers verbalize him and he stated
he known as me and he stated hear
they began the opposite folks are turning you
so I’m gonna turn the babyface nonetheless I
don’t are making an are trying to realize the the same earlier faculty thing
where you flee in and save somebody and
he goes he’s bought this guy become 120 pounds
soaking wet and I went Lightning kid
because I’d viewed kid in Detroit I mean
in Dallas right here downs and uh because yeah
you realize it’s no nonetheless I loved him I loved
it he regarded cherish it become 11 and he what
kid did one time become they’d a 20 count
on the launch air Dallas so he rolls out to
the ground within the guy begins counting he
went and he appropriate laid down on the
speak table and made the guy roughly
17 18 then he rolled in cherish what man
and I went what moderately of nick I believed
it become so silly that I couldn’t wait to
work with him nonetheless he goes k this
guy’s going to beat you and then he goes
um six weeks from then within the middle of the sweeps
Nelson rankings on you can contain a rematch for
10,000 nonetheless then he steals the money and
he goes then what I’m gonna attain is
at any time when every he’ll who does an
interview then he’ll recount oh and talking
of losers I raised her mother what a loser
and he goes kid beat him then stole his
money cherish the replacement heels are
gonna heal and and it worked and he goes
then you definately’ll work with a DiBiase at
SummerSlam overwhelmed alongside with your company so
he laid that out to me in a one year so
that’s the formula they had been doing stuff
there nonetheless it become a diverse
expertise cherish now they sizzling and issues are sizzling
shot at roughly because there’s a pay
for every month it become ideal four abet
there most continuously we’re diverse
I’m no longer I’m no longer when them guys announcing
that abet within the day
no I’m I’m making an are trying to be present with
what’s occurring that you just
attain you left leisurely yeah I never had a
self-discipline with the inventive tips I
in fact did talk up on time on the
gold mud perspective because all the pieces become
so g-rated then and we’re going with the
roughly homosexual perspective cherish he become in
love with me become the parable and I
keep in mind taking into account cherish wow cherish k I
don’t regain it nonetheless that become and
it grew to become out to be in fact horrid and
superb nonetheless it become cherish I don’t I didn’t
label where we had been going that that
become the correct time I roughly had become
we’re no longer certain about what we had been doing
nonetheless I don’t I’ve never heard I wager if
you’re getting booked one thing
one thing sweet you’re at ease with the
booking when you’re when you’re no longer
when you’re no longer in a groovy perspective or
one thing you’re on third or some yeah
then you definately’re gonna stop it want to alternate
in that Matthew had where kid took the
money there become that build that came about
a number of minutes prior to that that he
in fact spoke about where you
face-planted on the concrete yeah you
know I continually felt so harmful about that
because after we did it I had
moved the the build began with me
engaging the Matt and I’m appropriate going to
enhance his edge quantity of concrete and he
backed out me bone I’m down the build now
he’s gonna flee to the cease and attain from
the cease to the ground now I’ve ideal
worked with that one other time when it
become every so continuously a squash nonetheless I’m taking into account
man I wager this kid is so angry wager
he’s up there cherish wait of it he’s up
there now so I grew to become moderately of sooner
than I will have to contain
if I’m going abet in time I’d contain milk that
and grew to become spherical cherish Terry Funk and
completed precise unhurried and then BOOM
nonetheless I purchased a thing if he’s up there
waiting cherish nonetheless he wasn’t he become timing
it ultimate and he waited and then we saw
me he went and he slipped and went BAM
and I’ll verbalize you what came about
he hit mumble I mean it become obvious to
everyone and and we’re already bought to
plod dwelling cue I mean miniature one girls it isn’t
he’s already took we’re going dwelling and I
plod cherish this and I scrutinize valid at vents
and he looks down nonetheless now watching it
abet I heard Vincent he didn’t he didn’t
no longer scrutinize at me he appropriate he persevered
commentating nonetheless he regarded down
one thing cherish give me the self-discipline of commercial cherish
what and I and I’m picking him up and
he’s cherish on unfamiliar Avenue and liking it
nonetheless he I will throw him in and I scrutinize
at miniature one rolling he goes f it panem and
I’m taking into account man we are able to’t attain now I’m
taking into account oh my god we are able to’t attain that this
entire thing is cherish no we are able to’t beat him
then it’s cherish Dover and I went I become
about to contain this appropriate little pack I
mean schoolboy one more little pack dapper
capabilities and uh and I and he went and he
regarded at meeting with moonsault and I
and he become cherish eyes had been cherish this I
went appropriate cherish final time appropriate cherish final
time pass moonsault I shoot him and I
price he moves now when you ogle the first
match when he does it he roughly comes
off roughly sideways this time he didn’t
even scrutinize abet he become up there cherish whew
cherish how noteworthy more can you regain her he
appropriate dove off it become ultimate
then one two I kick out you might perhaps moreover
ogle when you scrutinize it abet you’ll ogle me
and miniature one you’re taking a scrutinize at him going regain
that money cuz he cherish bought up and not using a
then he bought the money and now I’m
supposed to plod him out the snow with
the money his automotive’s gonna take
him up and I’m so I regain on the ring I’m
coming leisurely him and he’s cherish strolling
and I’ll plod man right here is burying me I’m
gonna I stated I’m appropriate gonna blast him
all around the curtain and
as I’m able to’t I become drawn abet and I become
gonna hit him and hit him and I’ll stated
he would cherish appropriate felt it took off did
you recount lengthy time your first chair shot
ever become from bruiser Brody in Kansas
is that precise
um I I keep in mind working with Brody
and in a handicap match me and mr. Poe
plod in opposition to Brody and I’m young
ooh Jack abet then he saw me the foreheadI
might perhaps moreover contain a appealing single with you I attain
keep in mind being within the ring with introduced
a medium and err collectively and he goes
regain on me kid I’m hitting him I’m so
angry I’m hitting bruiser Brody valid
cherish I’ve been in industry six months
I mean the infant become a tall crowd in Kansas
Metropolis he become over I’m hitting
I’m hitting him then he goes k abet
Tommy whoa I’m gonna backed up bruiser
potentially oh my god I shouldn’t gonna plod
for the backdrop when you’ve ever viewed
Brody work he appropriate punted me nonetheless that
become your total thing moderately than announcing
k shoot me and I’ll kick it he knew I
went to plod what what he appropriate went abet
job he’s appropriate punted me nonetheless it become superb
yeah I don’t keep in mind taking a chair
shot from him nonetheless I might perhaps need because I
mediate if he had a chair cherish he’s going
to swing it so I mediate I mediate he did
hit me with it and then afterward he
would hit kid no next time build your
arms up because it does scrutinize more precise
I didn’t cherish that ECW expertise when all
these guys did it
me cherish mmm I’m hardcore you
know I build my arms up anyway because
I’m moderately nonetheless I mean I build my arms up
because I don’t desire it looks more precise
to me you wouldn’t stand in cherish the
Mayo recount hello to the harmful guy attain and
take a look at me out into South Texas Humorous Con
and I’m bringing a number of buddies with me
eazy-e Eric Bischoff’s going to be there
xpac is going to be there and I mediate
you mosey

My glamorous AWA Wrestler says this plugin is highly superb.

Scott Hall on AJ Styles, Undertaker, Nakamura, Shane McMahon

Scott Hall on AJ Styles, Undertaker, Nakamura, Shane McMahon