Scott D’Amore’s Account of Nearly Losing His Job for Declining to Perform a Canadian Destroyer

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Scott D’Amore was a recent guest on the “What Do You Call It?” podcast to discuss a variety if topics, including the time he refused to do a Canadian Destroyer as part of his time working in Team Canada against AJ Styles. He said,

“It’s funny because I refused to do the Canadian Destroyer on TV for so long. I almost got fired over it back in the day. They wanted me to hit a Canadian Destroyer on AJ Styles on TV and I was like, ‘there’s no way the fat dopey manager is hitting the coolest move in wrestling.’ Back in 2004, 2005, the Canadian Destroyer was magical. Petey was the only guy doing it and people almost didn’t know how it was done.”


He continued, “Will Ospreay told me the other day that he and his friends would sit there and watch it back over and over again, trying to figure out how it was done. To me, you would have ruined that moment if Coach D’Amore had done the Canadian Destroyer. Now, fast forward to 2023, and everyone under the sun has done a Canadian Destroyer. It’s not going to be bastardized by me doing it, so to hell with everyone else. I was still a little nervous. It was fun.”

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Scott D’Amore, a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling, recently appeared on the “What Do You Call It?” podcast to discuss various topics. One of the highlights of the conversation was D’Amore’s refusal to perform a move called the Canadian Destroyer during his time working in Team Canada against AJ Styles.

D’Amore revealed that he almost got fired over his refusal to execute the Canadian Destroyer on TV. The move was gaining popularity at the time, and the creative team wanted D’Amore, who was playing the role of a manager, to perform it on Styles. However, D’Amore believed that as a “fat dopey manager,” he shouldn’t be hitting one of the coolest moves in wrestling.

During the early 2000s, the Canadian Destroyer was considered a magical move, with only Petey Williams performing it. People were fascinated by the move and often tried to figure out how it was done. D’Amore mentioned that Will Ospreay, a renowned professional wrestler, told him that he and his friends would watch the move repeatedly, attempting to decipher its mechanics.

D’Amore expressed his belief that if he had performed the Canadian Destroyer, it would have ruined the mystique surrounding the move. He argued that now, in 2023, when countless wrestlers have executed the move, it wouldn’t have the same impact if he had done it back then. Despite feeling a little nervous about his decision, D’Amore stood by his choice and found the experience fun.

The podcast episode featuring Scott D’Amore can be found on YouTube, where he delves further into his thoughts and experiences in the wrestling industry.

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In conclusion, Scott D’Amore’s refusal to perform the Canadian Destroyer on TV during his time in Team Canada against AJ Styles showcases his dedication to preserving the uniqueness and impact of certain moves in professional wrestling. His decision highlights the importance of maintaining the integrity and mystique of signature moves in the industry.