Scott D’Amore On The Positives Of TNA’s One Night Return, Patching Things Up With Matt Hardy

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Scott D’Amore On The Positives Of TNA’s One Night Return, Patching Things Up With Matt Hardyscott d'amore

IMPACT Wrestling’s Scott D’Amore spoke with ahead of last night’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view in Chicago. D’Amore spoke about the decision to bring back the ‘TNA’ name for one night only at a WrestleMania weekend event in 2020, noting that it was an idea that was well-received.

“I kind of threw it out there, the people liked it. We like to do different themed things in wrestling, you saw us versus AAA two years ago at WrestleCon. Last year at United We Stand, it was basically all these different companies coming together under one roof for what all of us as wrestling fans want, which is to see great action. That’s where you got to see a dream match such as The Lucha Brothers vs. Sabu and RVD, which led to RVD being here with us still today. So, you know, as we looked for things—there’s always going to be a polarizing effect to TNA, but the fact is,” D’Amore said, “for a lot of us out there, there’s a lot of great memories of it. So for one night, let’s re-live the positive memories of TNA and let’s leave all the other stuff in the back. lets remember those positive times that made us love some of those moments in TNA.

In addition, D’Amore spoke about the company repairing the relationship with Matt Hardy, who left TNA on bad terms, but ultimately got control of his ‘Broken’ character and reconciled with Ed Nordholm a few years ago. D’Amore says fixing things like that were important not only because out of respect to Matt’s position in the history of the company, but it also sends a message that the company was different and willing to work things out.

And that’s why it was so cool to be able to put that to rest, come to a conclusion to allow Matt to be happy and move on, and allow us to move on and show that IMPACT Wrestling is a changed company,” D’Amore said. “We’d be happy to work or collaborate with Matt on anything, whether it was him in the ring, or it was him behind-the-scenes. Clearly, he’s a guy who has passion and creativity. So, no matter where he goes and what he does in wrestling or otherwise, he’s going to succeed.

Earlier in the weekend, D’Amore also extended an invite to the Young Bucks to come back for a one-off, pitching a Motor City Machine Guns versus Generation Me match.

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