Savio Vega Reflects On His Participation In WWE’s Brawl For All Tournament

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While speaking with’s Steve Fall for 10 Count, Savio Vega looked back on WWE’s Brawl for All tournament that took place in 1998, which featured several wrestlers being injured. 

Bart Gunn won the tournament before being knocked out by Butterbean at WrestleMania 15. You can check out some highlights below:


Vince Russo’s plan for the tournament: 

“The only thing was, the war between Vince Russo and [Jim] Cornette about, ‘that’s a bad idea,’ well Vince wanted to do that because MMA was around there, so why not do something with this tough guy? We have a tough guy impersonating killers or whatever, so let’s put them [in the ring] to fight each other, and let’s see who’s tough. So, they did that.”

His time in the tournament: 

“I was one of the first ones [to compete] with Brakkus. And after that they took me out, that’s when I injured my neck again. I mean I didn’t see action in wow, a long time… I can’t remember, it was one or two [Brawl For All] matches per per show. The deal was that I didn’t even wrestle in almost three months. So that helped my neck a little bit. Second match, I did with Droz, and I lost that match. And then I stayed in the back watching, enjoying the rest of the matches. But I enjoyed it, man. I loved it.”

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