Savio Vega Opens Up About How He Got Involved With WWE Backlash, More

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Savio Vega made his return to WWE at this past Saturday night’s Backlash 2023 pay-per-view event. The appearance was a one-off.

Speaking on “The Ten Count” podcast, the WWE alumnus opened up on how the appearance came about, the success of the pay-per-view event, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how and when he got involved in Backlash: “Yeah, about two months ago. You know, this is mastermind[ed] by Damian Priest and of course, Bad Bunny. They are big fans of myself, when they [were] growing up. They’re watching TNT, you know… So they did they just hook with the local wrestling. So Damian Priest in Dallas, when they did the — I believe it was the farewell of Undertaker. That was the first time that I saw him there. Meet him, talked to him a little bit, and you know, we changed numbers.

“Since then, you know, once in a while [we talked]. ‘Hello, how you doing? Blah blah blah.’ Till I got the call from Bruce Preacher. ‘Hey, you want to be part of the PPV going down to Puerto Rico?’ ‘Of course, why not?’ And [he] gave me all the details, contract, doctors, blah blah blah. You know, everything done, and just wait until the date.”

On the success of the PPV: “Man, they left happy. Because the Puerto Rican fans, they love wrestling. They’ve been watching wrestling for many many years. And here come this PPV with two Puerto Ricans on top. I mean, they’re not the the main events, but did a perform[ance] of a main event match.”

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