Sasha Banks Talks The Mandalorian: ‘I’m So Thankful I Saved Baby Yoda!’

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Sasha Banks Talks The Mandalorian: ‘I’m So Thankful I Saved Baby Yoda!’

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Photo Credit: WWE

WWE superstar and WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks recently spoke with Variety about a ton of different topics, including her recent role on “The Mandalorian,” her championship spot in WWE, and who would win in a battle between the Star Wars and WWE universes.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On her current title run:

It feels so much different this time around. I feel like ever since I came back from my little break where I really just tried to find my passion again, my wrestling has just been *mwah* chef’s kiss. I mean, I’ve always been great, amazing. But the seasonings that I’ve been adding in 2020 have just been tasting so freakin’ good that I just cannot stop and I cannot wait to do more. Being the SmackDown Women’s Champion, that means I am completely the best. I always say ‘I’m the best.’ I really know 100% that I am the greatest wrestler of all time, but I have so many new competitors. I look forward to facing so many new faces, so many new matchups, and it really lets me go to sleep dreaming of excitement for every Friday night knowing what I’m going to have.

On her experience filming “The Mandalorian:”

It’s a huge deal. I still cannot get over it. It still does not feel real to me. The more interviews I do, the more I feel like ‘Oh, my God, holy–‘ I’m telling you right now, it still does not feel real to me. It’s frickin ‘Star Wars!’ One of the biggest franchises in the whole world, one of the biggest universes you can ever be a part of.

So Jon Favreau came to me because he watched an interview that I did with ‘Hot Ones.’ And he really liked me and got my contact information. Then on FaceTime he asked me to be part of ‘The Mandalorian.’ I was like, ‘Well, I cannot say no,’ but I was so incredibly nervous, because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do it with the WWE schedule. You know, we used to travel a lot. But they made it work and everything happened. And it was such an incredible episode. I still just can’t get over how awesome that was. Not only to be part of ‘Star Wars,’ but one of legit the greatest episodes in the history of television like that. I could watch that all the time. That was such a bad ass introduction to the world of ‘Star Wars.’ I’m so thankful I saved Baby Yoda! I cannot get over it. Oh my god.

On who would win in a battle between the Star Wars and WWE Universes:

Oh my. Wow. Wow. You know, I I love love, love, love WWE. I love that it’s a huge universe. It’s a huge one. But ‘Star Wars’ has a whole entire galaxy. I don’t know if WWE is ready for that. I mean, WWE is huge. You have Sasha Banks on your team, you can get through anything. But I think it’s probably better to unite with the ‘Star Wars’ universe than to go against them because of how huge they are. They’ve been around for a long time, but so has WWE, so I definitely think WWE would stand a fair chance but I have to say ‘Star Wars,’ I’m sorry.

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