Sasha Banks Says She’s Been Out With Ankle Injury, Wants To Work With Rhea Ripley

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Sasha Banks Says She’s Been Out With Ankle Injury, Wants To Work With Rhea Ripley

Sasha Banks At WWE Evolution

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Sasha Banks was on After The Bell with Corey Graves and “The Boss” was asked about her injury and her current work she has going outside the ring. Sasha claims that she has an ankle injury dude to the “horrible mother” Lacey Evans tripping her backstage. In addition, she does go on to mention what wrestler peaks her interest to face down the line.

“I really loved Rhea Ripley. She came and attacked us a couple times before Survivor Series and I think I had a three-way and a tag match maybe with her and I felt like we had a good chemistry so I’d love to have singles match and she’s the NXT Women’s Champion for a reason.”

Corey then asks who Sasha’s major influences were regarding her own time back in the “Four Horsewomen” days of NXT:

“For me, I’d say the top three people that really helped me (ah, I’d say four), I wouldn’t be signed without William Regal. I learned so much from Joey Mercury, Norman Smiley and of course, Dusty Rhodes.”

Sasha then talks Bayley’s new change in character and how it is for her working with the now non-hugging version of her friend:

“Legit the best. When I came back, I came back really refreshed and I came back really wanting to have fun this time around and like it’s the best feeling in the world just to do something standing next to somebody you really love and that loves the same thing that you do and we just seen this Bayler with a hugger for so many years and I really love when she turned and took that chair and slammed Becky over the back of it and just to feel that reaction from the fans we were just like, ‘No way, did that really just happen?”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can catch all of this week’s After The Bell below:

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