Sasha Banks: It’s Incredible To Be Able To Entertain During These Trying Times

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Sasha Banks: It’s Incredible To Be Able To Entertain During These Trying Times

sasha banks

Photo Credit: WWE

Sasha Banks is one of the biggest superstars in WWE today. When she debuted on the main roster half a decade ago, women were still “Divas” and the idea of women and matches such as Hell in a Cell and Money in the Bank was a pipe dream in the minds of fans.

Having competed in nearly every gimmick match WWE has to offer more than once, Sasha Banks is setting her sights on Hollywood with a new role in the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. However, just because she is venturing out of her comfort zone, it doesn’t mean that she is done in WWE completely.

Speaking to Variety, Sasha Banks opened up about how her current SmackDown Women’s Championship reign is different than all of the other title runs that came beforehand, saying the hiatus that she took in 2019 was a real benefit to her as a wrestler.

“It feels so much different this time around. I feel like ever since I came back from my little break where I really just tried to find my passion again, my wrestling has just been *mwah* chef’s kiss. I mean, I’ve always been great, amazing. But the seasonings that I’ve been adding in 2020 have just been tasting so freakin’ good that I just cannot stop and I cannot wait to do more. Being the SmackDown Women’s Champion, that means I am completely the best. I always say ‘I’m the best.’ I really know 100% that I am the greatest wrestler of all time, but I have so many new competitors. I look forward to facing so many new faces, so many new matchups, and it really lets me go to sleep dreaming of excitement for every Friday night knowing what I’m going to have.”

Sasha also opened up about the overall state of the wrestling industry in 2020, saying that she loves creating magic in WWE during such a time of uncertainty.

“I think it’s so incredible to see how much hope WWE brings the world and how much that we can just go entertain through these trying times. It brings me hope and it brings me joy, knowing that I can go into work and legit live my dream and put smiles on people’s faces, and to have the talent and the brotherhood and the sisterhood of my peers. It’s so awesome. I love it. I am so thankful for wrestling for giving me a sole purpose and a joy in life. Just to spread happiness and smiles around the world because there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing at this time right now than, you know, bumping my ass off. But I love it so, so much. I think it’s such a special place where you can create so much magic.”

Next for Sasha Banks is a match against Asuka at WWE Survivor Series. WrestleZone will have live coverage beginning this Sunday at 5 p.m. eastern