Sareee Talks WrestleMania 36 Relocating, Moving To The U.S., Where Her Name Came From

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Sareee Talks WrestleMania 36 Relocating, Moving To The U.S., Where Her Name Came From

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The latest WWE signee Sareee recently sat down and participated in a Q&A session on YouTube, where she spoke about WrestleMania 36, her moving to the United States, and what the origins surrounding her name were.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On WrestleMania 36 relocating:

WWE announced to make their world’s biggest event into a non-audience match. That really shows that President Mr. Vince really [cares] and [puts the] safety first for the fans, staff, and us wrestlers. I respect his decision making and admire his determination. I’m still in Japan but feel protected.

On her pending arrival in the United States:

WWE is handling my schedule to move to the States. Their initial plan was for me to be training over there already but look at the circumstance around the world. Maybe best when the vaccine is developed rather than re-debuting with worries. I want to show my solid wrestling live without any anxieties. It’s hard for everyone but I think this is the time to be one as the WWE Universe and stay strong and firm.

On where her name came from:

My real first name is Sari. When I debuted in Japan, Kyoto Inoue liked the band named Greeeen so she mixed the idea of Sareee with three e’s. I’m thinking now, I’d like to challenge in the States using my real name, Sari. For example, Kairi-San’s name, Kairi Sane, has so much impact and I think that’s a terrific name. I’ll be joining the WWE family so I’m sure Mr. HHH will give me a new wonderful last name.

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