Saraya Wants Falling In Reverse To Perform At AEW All In

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AEW’s Saraya is hoping that Falling in Reverse, the band featuring her boyfriend Ronnie Radke, will get the chance to perform at All In.

The much-anticipated event has already proven to be a hit with fans, with ticket sales for the London-based show exceeding all other records in AEW history.


Speaking with “The Bet Las Vegas and Sporting Tribune,” Saraya spoke about the possibility of Radke making a live performance. She said,

“I’m actually getting — trying to get — my song that I use, not the Outcasts one but Zombified, that’s my boyfriend’s band. I walk out to that song and I love it. But since it’s like such a big event, it’s like our WrestleMania, I’m like [thinking] Falling In Reverse, Ronnie, should come over and perform in Wembley Stadium, the entrance, kind of like how they did perform at WrestleMania with the entrances.

“There’s room, so I really want to incorporate Falling In Reverse into that so that when I walk down the ramp they can play the whole song. Again, 90,000 people, you have to make it special and people should get special entrances and stuff like that, so I want to do that.”

No matches have been announced for AEW All In and Saraya added that it would be “frickin’ bananas” for her to get the chance to compete in Wembley Stadium.

AEW All In 2023 will take place on August 27, and will be AEW’s first event in the UK.

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