Saraya Reportedly Loses It On Autograph Seeker, Says She’s Done With Sellers

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Saraya isn’t happy with “scummy” autograph seekers.

On Wednesday, the former Paige took to Twitter to rip into “fans” who wait outside of her hotel to receive autograph, only to take advantage of her kindness and then sell them online.


Saraya noted that she had a negative experience on Wednesday in Detroit, MI and she’s had enough. She wrote,

“If you come to my hotel and wait outside of it for me to sign sh*t. I sign stuff even though I know you sell it. Im nice to you and then say I’ll be back down after glam to take pics, for me to walk inside and for you to then make fun of my tapes to the Uber driver that asked what I did and not realize my make up guy is right there I will f**king lose it on you. Like I just did. Do not disrespect me or any wrestler ever. I will not sign sh*t for you for free ever again. EVER. Don’t even ask. I’m done with the scummy auto sellers.”

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