Saraya On The Real-Life Thunder Rosa/Britt Baker Issues – ‘People Need To Get Over That’

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Saraya wants fans to get over talking about the real-life issues between Thunder Rosa & Britt Baker.

It’s very well known by now that Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker can’t stand each other in real-life and they likely never will. The feud has been featured on the AEW All Access reality show which was filmed many months ago.


Speaking on “The Corner” podcast, the former Paige admitted that Thunder Rosa loves to talk but she believes fans need to get over the drama and move on. She said,

“People need to get over that, dude. Thunder loves to talk, that’s for sure. She definitely loves to talk. People think Britt talks a lot but it’s not — the reality show was filmed ages ago and they’re just repeating the story so everyone thinks it’s Britt bringing up all this stuff, and then she gets asked questions about it in interviews and then it brings it all up again. She’s not going out there and doing it, but Thunder just likes to talk about it.”

It’s worth noting that Saraya did confirm the reports that Rosa apologized to the women’s locker room upon her return to do for Spanish commentary for the company several months ago.

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