Saraya On Potential WWE Hall Of Fame Induction – ‘I Feel Like I’ve Done A Lot’

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In a recent appearance on “The Corner Podcast,” AEW’s Saraya, formerly known in WWE as Paige, addressed the possibility of WWE inducting her into their Hall of Fame.

In no uncertain terms, Saraya made it clear that she would welcome the opportunity to be honored and would love to be an inductee. She said,


“I would — I mean, Twitter would be very mad, but I would accept it and post it all over Twitter (if WWE decided to put me in their Hall of Fame). But I would be like, absolutely, yes, I do. I will be a part of the Hall of Fame, thank you. I would love to be in the Hall of Fame one day. I would love it. I feel like I’ve done a lot, I feel like I have. A lot of women have done a lot though. You look at A.J. Lee and you know, all these women, they deserve to be in it too before me so, it’s awesome.”

She also shared that she would like to see a sequel to ‘Fighting With My Family,’ a movie released a few years ago that depicted her life.

“We need another one (Fighting with My Family). It needs to not be just PG. It needs to go up a level because the stuff that we went through, you know, yeah. It gets weird. It gets very weird. So I feel like it cannot be PG. It needs to be up a level. If it had to be about me, I would definitely want it to be the darker version, the part two of what happened after I won the Divas Championship and then the rock bottom and all that kind of stuff.”

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