Saraya Has Some Advice For Her Younger Self – ‘Don’t Have Sex On Camera’

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Saraya, formerly known in WWE as Paige, was recently a special guest on Taylor Wilde’s “Wilde On” podcast, where she discussed various aspects of professional wrestling. Among the topics covered was the advice she would give to her younger self, and Saraya was brutally honest with her answer. She said,

“Don’t have sex on camera. I would tell her that, though. Honestly, with all the stuff that happened to me, like, I don’t regret anything — I really don’t. Even though all that stuff is out there, and everything is very public with the struggles I’ve gone through, I’m so thankful that it happened to me because I was able to be strong enough to come out of it.”


“But, also, I’m able to help people with it now. Even back then, I would tell a 13-year-old Saraya that‘s – it’s gonna get real and you’re gonna hit rock bottom at a certain point.’ You’re gonna come out of it and become a better person. There are people that love you in this world. I’ll also try and tell her that social media isn’t real. At one point, I believed it was.”

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