Saraya Fires Back At Fan Declaring She Is Unthankful To WWE

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AEW’s Saraya has actually refuted a fan’s claim that she is not grateful for her time with WWE, following the departures of Brie and Nikki Garcia.

Today, the Bella Twins revealed their departure from WWE and will be utilizing their genuine names moving forward.

When Saraya invited the twins to their newly found flexibility, a fan differed and declared that the 3 wrestlers require to be more grateful to WWE.

Saraya reacted by informing the fan that they require to “chill” which her remark about liberty had to do with the Garcia twins not being locked into a tight agreement.

< script async src="" charset=" utf-8" > Earlier today, Saraya stated that she didn’t leave WWE on bad terms and discovered it “remarkable” that video of her was revealed on today’s RAW.

Video of the previous WWE Divas Champion was revealed as part of a promotion for an approaching Biography: WWE Legends episode about Paige.

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