Saraya Comments On Wanting To Face Other Champions, & More

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In a recent interview with “Women’s Wrestling Talk” at Starrcast VI, Saraya wished for AEW to introduce tag team or trios championships for the women’s division.

Saraya, who currently holds the AEW Women’s World Championship, also addressed the idea of possibly facing Impact Knockouts Champion Trinity.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On wanting to face other champions: “WAW [World Association of Wrestling], of course. I don’t know about Indie promotions, but I would love to go against Trin [Trinity]. Maybe I carry the AEW (women’s title) and then take the IMPACT championship off her and hell, I’ll go to New Japan and take that championship too and carry them around. I’m like Thanos with championship belts. I want to take them all. I’ll take Statlander’s belt [AEW TBS Champion]. I’ll go on and get the trios championship. I’ll take them all. I’ll get MJF’s championship [AEW World Championship]. I’m taking them all, Tony [Tony Khan]. I’m coming to work and stealing the belts. Do I have a match? No, I’m just going to steal them. I’ll stick to outright stealing them.”

On AEW women’s tag or trios belts: “I would love for there to be a female trios championship or a regular tag team championship for women because we do have two (women’s titles), and that’s awesome, but there are so many women on our roster, and so many women that are in tag teams. Why don’t we make a tag team championship? Who knows. Tony always has great ideas up his sleeve.”

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