Santos Escobar Sends Warning to Rey Mysterio and Provides Updates on NXT and More

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Santos Escobar could care less about Rey Mysterio after the latter underwent knee surgery.

On Tuesday, Mysterio took to Instagram to announce that he underwent knee surgery. Escobar has since chimed in, writing,


“Don’t come back.”

WWE posted the following video previewing tonight’s episode of NXT:

And finally, the official “WWE Music” YouTube channel posted NXT star Karmen Petrovic’s theme song. You can check that out below:

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Santos Escobar Sends a Message to Rey Mysterio After Knee Surgery

Rey Mysterio, one of the most iconic and beloved wrestlers in the world, recently announced on Instagram that he underwent knee surgery. While fans and fellow wrestlers have been sending their well wishes and support to Mysterio, one wrestler seems to have a different opinion – Santos Escobar.

Escobar, who is also a professional wrestler, took to Twitter to express his feelings about Mysterio’s surgery. In a tweet, he wrote, “Don’t come back,” accompanied by a video clip. This unexpected response from Escobar has left fans wondering about the rivalry between the two wrestlers.

The tweet quickly gained attention, with fans and wrestling enthusiasts speculating on the meaning behind Escobar’s words. Some believe that it might be a part of an ongoing storyline or feud between the two wrestlers. Others think that Escobar might genuinely have a personal issue with Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio is no stranger to injuries throughout his career. Despite his small stature, he has always been known for his high-flying and acrobatic style in the ring. Unfortunately, these high-risk moves often come with a higher risk of injury. Mysterio has had several surgeries over the years, including knee surgeries.

While it is unclear why Escobar made this statement, it is not uncommon for wrestlers to use social media to further their storylines or create buzz around their characters. In the world of professional wrestling, rivalries and conflicts are often played out both in and out of the ring.

In addition to the drama surrounding Mysterio’s surgery, WWE released a video previewing tonight’s episode of NXT. The video gives fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the show, building anticipation and excitement among wrestling fans.

Furthermore, the official “WWE Music” YouTube channel released Karmen Petrovic’s theme song. Petrovic, a rising star in NXT, now has her own entrance theme, adding to the excitement surrounding her character and potential future storylines.

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As for the ongoing drama between Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio, only time will tell how this storyline unfolds. Wrestling fans will have to tune in to see if there is any resolution or if this rivalry continues to escalate. Regardless, the world of professional wrestling is never short on surprises and excitement.