Santos Escobar Sees A Lot Of Potential In Dominik Mysterio

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Dominik Mysterio has been on a role lately, and one person who can see that is Santos Escobar.

Speaking on the “Getting Over” podcast, Escobar commented on what he sees in Dominik’s current trajectory, and more. He said,


“A lot of potential. I’ve been working with him for two months now, almost three months, singles matches here and there. I think the best way for a fighter to evolve is fighting and Dom is doing that, he’s fighting, he’s getting better. Will he get to the same position where his dad is? I don’t know, that depends entirely on him. He was thrown at this [at the start of his career], he wasn’t ready. But here’s the thing, he’s got something that not many people have and that’s the Rey Mysterio genetics. He’s got the charisma inside him. Now, we hate him, we really hate him. I can’t stress that enough. That means he’s doing something right, that’s when you realize he’s learning. The more he keeps doing this, the more he will learn and the more he will reach that point where everyone will unanimously say that he’s ready.”

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