Santos Escobar Expresses Displeasure with Rey Mysterio’s Potential Return and Reflects on LWO Betrayal

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Santos Escobar is proving to be a man of his word after his harsh words for Rey Mysterio during this week’s episode of SmackDown.

On this week’s show, Escobar said that he hopes Rey’s injury results in his leg being amputated and shared his hope that Mysterio never returns to competition.


In a SmackDown Digital Exclusive after the show, Escobar reiterated what he had to say during SmackDown. He said,

“I’m a grown man. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. What I said was that I hope he never comes back. How would you feel if your mentor, the person you respect the most, betrayed you and chose someone like Carlito? How would you feel about that?”

Escobar added that he’s not mad that the other members of the LWO have taken Mysterio’s side over his. He said,

“I’m not angry. I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed in every single lesson in this arena and at home. Did you hear that? They have the nerve to boo me. Boo me? I was betrayed by all of them. I thought I had a family. Family is everything to me. I thought I had a family. They’re gone. I’m by myself right from now on.”

Santos Escobar will face Carlito at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames on November 25.

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Santos Escobar’s Harsh Words for Rey Mysterio: A Personal Vendetta or Professional Rivalry?

In the world of professional wrestling, rivalries and feuds are not uncommon. They add excitement and drama to the sport, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. One such rivalry that has caught the attention of fans recently is between Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio.

During a recent episode of SmackDown, Santos Escobar made some harsh comments about Rey Mysterio. He expressed his hope that Mysterio’s injury would result in his leg being amputated and went on to say that he never wants to see Mysterio return to competition. These words shocked many fans and raised questions about the nature of their rivalry.

In a SmackDown Digital Exclusive after the show, Escobar stood by his words and explained his perspective. He stated that he is a man of his word and meant what he said. Escobar expressed his disappointment in Mysterio for betraying him and choosing someone like Carlito as his partner. He questioned how anyone would feel if their mentor, the person they respected the most, turned their back on them.

Escobar also expressed his disappointment in the other members of the LWO (Latino World Order) for taking Mysterio’s side over his own. He felt betrayed by those he considered family and emphasized the importance of family to him. Escobar’s comments showcased the personal emotions and frustrations he is experiencing due to this rivalry.

The rivalry between Escobar and Mysterio will come to a head at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames on November 25. Escobar is set to face Carlito, who Mysterio has chosen as his partner. This match will be a test of skill, strength, and determination for both wrestlers.

It is important to note that professional wrestling is a scripted form of entertainment, and rivalries like this are part of the show. While the emotions and words may seem intense, they are often exaggerated for dramatic effect. Wrestlers play characters and create storylines to engage and entertain the audience.

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In conclusion, Santos Escobar’s harsh words for Rey Mysterio have added fuel to their rivalry and created anticipation for their upcoming match. While the emotions may seem personal, it is essential to remember that professional wrestling is a form of entertainment. The intense rivalries and feuds are part of the show, designed to captivate and engage fans.