Sandman Discusses Infamous ECW Crucifixion Angle, Kurt Angle Being Offended

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Sandman Discusses Infamous ECW Crucifixion Angle, Kurt Angle Being Offended

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Sandman was recently interviewed by The Hannibal TV about the controversial ECW angle where Raven crucified Sandman. This famously upset Kurt Angle, who was backstage for the event and was in discussions about signing with the promotion. Now, we’ve got Sandman’s side of events, and he revealed that he even made the cross.

“No, the only reason it f—– blew up was because Kurt Angle was in the back,” Sandman said when asked if he had any idea that the cross angle was going to be popular. “I loved it dude, I thought it was great, I made that f—— cross, you know what else I made? Dreamers scaffold match with Brian Lee, I made that by myself, I put that whole thing together because that’s what I do, I do construction.”

The topic then shifted a bit to the crowd reaction after the match, with Sandman saying everything was extremely silent. “The silence was deafening in that crowd, so I’m starting to realize that if they’re not reacting at all, then it’s f—— heavy, so I’m feeling the heaviness of it.” From there, Sandman said that a handful of people including Paul Heyman, Shane Douglas, Kurt Angle, and others all demanded that an apology be made, which Raven did much to the chagrin of Sandman, especially considering how the same angle appeared in the WWE later on.

“The funny thing is here, that six months later, Kurt’s in the WWE, Austin’s getting hung on a f—— cross just like we did, do you think he went to Vince and complained?” Sandman said, although he did say he understood the issues. “But I understand him a little bit then, because…religion was never involved really in wrestling like that.”

Sandman went on to say that even though he understood the issue, he was still upset that an apology needed to be made, and disagreed with the entire aspect of it.