SANADA: ‘I’ve Finally Regained My Prime Condition’

SANADA: ‘I’ve Finally Regained My Prime Condition’
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A recent discussion with SANADA, the ex-IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, on revealed his journey of recovery following a neck injury that led to a temporary break from wrestling.

SANADA, who hasn’t stepped into the ring since the previous month of April, recently obtained medical permission to rejoin wrestling after his health improved.

Highlighted points from the interview are as follows:

In reflection to his healing process during the absence from the ring, SANADA stated: “At last, I’m back to my peak condition. From the beginning of this year, precisely from January 4 at the Tokyo Dome when I incurred a neck injury while wrestling Tetsuya Naito, my physical state wasn’t where I wanted it to be. However, this period of absence helped me regain my strength.”

Regarding the present scenario of NJPW during his recovery period, he expressed: “Being sidelined offered a clear perspective on many things. I can’t help but speculate how fans perceive the IWGP World Heavyweight and Global Heavyweight Champions being missing from the venues at the moment. Although the champion is deemed a unique attraction, it is a problem when he is not touring regularly. There are places where NJPW can make only an annual visit or so, and folks there cannot experience the sight of the champ, the company representative.”

When asked about the up-and-coming generation in NJPW, his response was: “While it’s invigorating to see them excelling, they have yet to really achieve significant milestones, with the exception of Tsuji prevailing the Cup. There’s a peculiar feeling when I see their photographs on event posters as they don’t seem to have made remarkable accomplishments yet. Getting promoted to such an extent seems unwarranted.”