Sammy Guevara On Being In A Position To Excel In AEW, Why He Was Driving A Toy Tank At The Royal Rumble

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Sammy Guevara On Being In A Position To Excel In AEW, Why He Was Driving A Toy Tank At The Royal Rumble

Sammy Guevara‘s most recent vehicular issues have involved a suped-up golf cart and a cowboy’s horse, but he started the year getting some press in a toy tank on the streets of Houston.

Guevara recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of AEW Double Or Nothing, and he talked about being put in a prominent position to succeed in AEW. Sammy was not only in the first-ever singles match in All Elite Wrestling history, but he was also in the first-ever match in AEW Dynamite history as well. He says it’s an amazing feeling to finally get opportunities like that and he feels like he does his best work when he’s counted out.

“It’s really amazing because I’ve been working for this for so long and now I’m getting these opportunities. It’s a lot of pressure, make no mistake about it—first AEW match, first Dynamite match—but I love it. I love when it’s all or nothing. I get put in these positions and it’s like I’m either going to do good or I’m not. And if you don’t do good, you’re going to lose whatever kind of momentum [you had]. I like when my back’s up against the wall. A lot of people counted out the [Kip Sabian match at Double Or Nothing 2019] and I thought we showed out,” Guevara said, “and then with Cody and myself, people said ‘oh, Cody is just going to walk through this match’ and I feel like I really stood out in that one as well.

“Now we’re going to be in the first-ever Stadium Stampede match, and if we look back to last year’s Double Or Nothing, I was in the Buy-In and fast forward one year later,” Guevara said, “I’m going to be in a match with the guys who main evented last year and it just goes to show that hard work, you keep putting in the work and eventually everything’s going to pay off.”

Guevara’s golf cart incident leading up to Double Or Nothing ended up being one of the more memorable segments on Dynamite, and he was asked about potentially bringing his toy tank to the Stadium Stampede match as a way to combat Hardy’s vehicle of choice. Fans may remember Guevara inexplicably showed up at Minute Maid Park on the day of the Royal Rumble in a toy Army tank, an appearance that garnered plenty of attention online. Sammy still hasn’t explained he was there and played coy once again, claiming that he has no memory of the incident and didn’t know there was an event going on.

“I have no memory of that! I have no memory of this happening. Toy tank? Who knows…” Guevara said. “I was just driving around in the toy tank as I normally do and apparently there was some event going on that weekend. Yeah, it was so weird… I didn’t know until afterward.”

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