Sami Zayn: ‘You Can Be A Great Wrestler & Still Not Be A Great WWE Wrestler’

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Sami Zayn: ‘You Can Be A Great Wrestler & Still Not Be A Great WWE Wrestler’

Sami Zayn

Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images

Sami Zayn was recently a guest on the ‘Gettin Better with Ron Funches’ podcast, where the superstar discussed the divide between being viewed as a good wrestler and someone who is good for the world of WWE.

“So this is something I’ve been saying to some wrestlers who struggle sometimes the way I kind of did when they get to WWE,” he said (transcription via Post Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson) “I told them you almost have to look at WWE for example, or like big time show business type stuff, movies. Maybe it’s all the same. I think it is but whatever. I don’t know for sure. It’s almost two separate art forms”

Zayn went on to describe the difference to being a painter that is tasked with crafting a specific masterpiece. “It’s like if you’re a painter and I give you a blank canvas and all the colors you could ever want and I go, ‘Paint me a masterpiece.’ Alright, if we hire ten great artists, you’ll probably get ten great paintings. But working with WWE and working within all these constraints and working within a very specific framework, it’s almost like being a great painter and being handed a coloring book with three or four different colors and say, ‘Okay, here you go. Make sure to color within the lines but what you do with it is up to you,’ and anybody — I’m not saying anybody but any great painter could paint a great piece on a blank canvas. But how good can you make this coloring book look. It’s like a totally different — it’s almost a different art form.

“It’s how good could you work with handcuffs on? How good could you work within this really, really tight box when we gotta check five or six different goals in three or four minutes and still make it good, you know what I’m saying? It almost became a totally different art form that I don’t think everybody can do. You can be a great wrestler and still not be a great WWE wrestler because it’s almost a different — it’s almost a different ballpark all together.”

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