Sami Callihan – ‘The Design Wouldn’t Exist If Not For Me’

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If you believe Sami Callihan, The Design faction wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for him.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Tru Heels” podcast, the Impact Wrestling star opined that had he not destroyed Eric Young, the group wouldn’t exist in its current form. He said,


“Beat that dude’s ass so bad that he got out of the company. He was so softened up that Deaner was able to stab him right in the belly and send his ass packing.”

He continued, “Here’s a thing, would there be a Design if it wasn’t for Sami Callihan? All those guys should honestly be thanking me because softening up Eric Young gave Deaner his chance to like to turn his entire back and stab one of his best friends figuratively and literally in the back. So there would not be any Design if it wasn’t for Sami Callihan. So, those guys should be thanking me because they’re on TV.”

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