Sami Callihan Aims To Be Bigger And Badder With ‘Barbed Wire Massacre’, Give Fans Proper Payoff To Eddie Edwards Feud

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Sami Callihan Aims To Be Bigger And Badder With ‘Barbed Wire Massacre’, Give Fans Proper Payoff To Eddie Edwards Feud

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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Sami Callihan wants to cap off his grudge with Eddie Edwards properly.

“The Draw” will be taking Edwards on in a Barbed Wire Massacre match this Saturday at IMPACT Wrestling‘s Hard To Kill and believes that this will be the true payoff to their highly-broiled blood feud. Who better to Sami to speak to such brutalities about but Tommy Dreamer, who had Callihan on his House Of Hardcore podcast to help promote IMPACT’s PPV.

“Our original blowoff was a cinematic fight in the woods,” Sami told Tommy. “That was brutal and ahead of its time — IMPACT has been doing that cinematic stuff before everyone for years. Our entire storyline, we’ve come together and split apart, have come to this one moment. It’s a long story. People say, ‘We need longer storytelling,’ this is a story that’s been being built for three years and now it’s going to blow off in one of the most brutal matches in IMPACT history and possibly the most-watched IMPACT pay-per-view of all-time. We’re not doing an old school Barbed Wire Massacre. We have to be bigger and badder than every barbed wire match before.”

Sami and Eddie’s in-ring relationship is something fans would call a little more than contentious.

“It’s no secret, me and Eddie Edwards do not get along, but we’re both professional wrestlers. You can’t tell me, deep down, that both of us going into what might be our last match against each other for a very long time, that there isn’t going to be cheap shots and people trying to get over.”

(Transcription credit should go to Jeremy Lambert of Fightful)

On a related note, WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard believes Saturday’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view only marks another chapter in the Callihan vs. Edwards rivalry, instead of the story actually concluding. Much of the hype is focused on the main event, but IMPACT polled the wrestling media about several of the other big matches on the pay-per-view. Pritchard believes the Callihan vs. Edwards feud will never end because it started organically, and became personal and physical, making it believable and easy to revisit time and time again.

“Sami’s “shot heard ’round the world” was an accident, but it resulted in an organic feud that has been approached with a new perspective each time they go at it again. Whether they have allies on their respective sides or not, it’s rare to have a feud these days that can be brought back a few times without it getting stale. The latest incident that set up the Barbed Wire Massacre match is just another chapter in their story, and I fully expect them to keep fighting after Hard To Kill.”

The wrestling media also previewed the Knockouts Tag Team Championship match, X Division Championship match and much more; check out the full preview below.

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