Samantha Irvin Provides Insight on Comparisons to Lillian Garcia

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In a recent interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, WWE ring announcer Samantha Irvin discussed various topics, including being compared to former ring announcer Lillian Garcia.

When asked if she had any interactions with Garcia, Irvin responded with,


“She came to a SmackDown last year and we met and I was nervous, but she was all ‘You’re doing such a great job. You’re really killing it.’ And we exchanged numbers and I got a little mushy on her. I let her know ‘Oh, I love you.’ She was just so great and she told me ‘Hit me up anytime.’

Every day [there are comparisons.] Every single day and it makes me so proud. I dreamed of that. When I saw Lillian sing the National Anthem, on television, acapella, live, in the saddest point in our country in my lifetime [referring to Garcia’s performance on the post-9/11 SmackDown] I was just ‘Wow, there’s singing in wrestling.’ There’s singing in wrestling. Everybody is standing there listening to her and I never forgot that.”

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Samantha Irvin, the current WWE ring announcer, recently sat down for an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet. During the conversation, Irvin opened up about her experiences in the industry and discussed being compared to former WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia.

When asked if she had any interactions with Garcia, Irvin shared a heartwarming story. She revealed that Garcia attended a SmackDown event last year and they had the opportunity to meet. Despite feeling nervous, Irvin was pleasantly surprised by Garcia’s kind words and support. Garcia told her that she was doing a great job and encouraged her to reach out anytime. The encounter left Irvin feeling grateful and inspired.

Irvin also expressed her pride in being compared to Garcia on a daily basis. She revealed that people often draw comparisons between the two ring announcers, which makes her feel incredibly proud. Irvin explained that she had always admired Garcia’s talent, particularly when she sang the National Anthem on television during a post-9/11 SmackDown episode. Witnessing Garcia’s performance left a lasting impression on Irvin and made her realize the power of music in wrestling.

The interview shed light on Irvin’s journey in the WWE and her admiration for Lillian Garcia. It showcased the camaraderie and support within the wrestling community, as well as the impact that influential figures like Garcia can have on aspiring talents.

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Overall, Samantha Irvin’s interview provided insight into her experiences as a WWE ring announcer and her admiration for Lillian Garcia. It highlighted the importance of mentorship and support within the industry, as well as the lasting impact of influential performances.