Sam Adonis Calls War Between WWE & AEW A “Fictional Narrative”

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Are WWE and AEW at war? Not according to Sam Adonis.

Since AEW was founded in 2019, both promotions have taken shots at the other, and Tony Khan has been able to win over multiple ex-Superstars to his company.

While many have said that WWE and AEW are at war with one another, that isn’t how Sam Adonis sees things, as he told the Wrestling Epicenter:

“Right now there’s a fictional narrative that there’s a wrestling war happening. Which is not really the case at all. I think everybody has an agenda now, every newspaper, every website, everybody needs to get their sales. They’re painting these fictional battle lines, and trying to tell everybody that you’re not supposed to like this one if you like that one. Overall, being on a major national television is huge news.”

The brother of RAW commentator Corey Graves, Adonis signed with MLW in October of last year.

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