Ryan Nemeth’s AEW Debut Almost Happened By Surprise, Says Being There Is Like A Huge Reunion

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Ryan Nemeth’s AEW Debut Almost Happened By Surprise, Says Being There Is Like A Huge Reunion

Hangman Page Ryan Nemeth

Credit: AEW

Ryan Nemeth’s brother, Dolph Ziggler has been a featured player in WWE for many years. But now “The Hollywood Hunk” is getting his chance to shine on national television with All Elite Wrestling.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Nemeth recapped how his run with AEW came as a surprise. He revealed that his first appearance with the company could be linked to his connection with Amanda Huber, as he used to babysit for Brodie Lee Jr. Here are some highlights, transcription credit of Alex Hunt from Features of Wrestling.

“Being there is kind of like a huge reunion,” said Nemeth. “Walking in the locker room felt like home. I went to AEW to see Amanda Huber [the late Jon Huber/Brodie Lee’s wife] because I knew there was going to be a birthday for Brodie Jr. I thought I would surprise her and say happy birthday. I used to babysit him in Tampa. I wanted to say hi to her, I also secretly had my gear with me. They asked me, ‘Since you’re here do you want to wrestle?’ And I said sure.”

Nemeth also addressed how he’s often compared to his brother, and he stated that he has actively tried to stand out on his own.

“There are similarities. We are brothers, we are related, we were both trained by the exact same people in wrestling. We grew up wrestling for the same school together. But I will say I’ve spent my entire wrestling career looking and dressing the exact opposite of him,” said Nemeth. “He had blond hair, I dyed mine black. He wore pants, I wore shorts. No matter what I do, for a decade, any time I’m in a match, the Internet says I’m a carbon copy of him. But we’ve had pretty different lives. He was a college wrestler, I focused more on acting and writing. In the past few years, to do so many of these things together is awesome. I never felt like we were competing for anything though.”

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