Rusev Signs His Divorce Papers, Slams Bobby Lashley Through A Table

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Rusev Signs His Divorce Papers, Slams Bobby Lashley Through A Table


Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

This week on WWE Monday Night RAW. Jerry “The King” Lawler presided over the first on-air divorce the show’s history. Rusev and Lana’s relationship has fallen apart and they’re past the point of no return, which led to this ceremony. Rusev looked thrilled as he walked to the ring. With an attorney by her side, Lana said she loved Rusev, even when everyone hated him. Lana said the fame went to Rusev’s head and she blamed the fans for the failure of this marriage. Rusev said he needs protection from Lana and replayed the events of last week, when Lana and Bobby Lashley got arrested.

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Lana called Rusev a “selfish monster” and told him no one will ever love him the way she did. Rusev said he doesn’t want any one like Lana. Lana blamed Rusev and the WWE Universe again before she yelled and cried. Rusev happily suggested it was time to sign the divorce papers. Lana stopped him from signing so she could sign first. Lana said she’d take Rusev’s dog from him and the two argued with each other. Lana angrily signed the papers. Rusev said he wanted one more thing from Lana. She assumed it was sex, and called Rusev “sick.” He said what he really wants is a match with Lana’s “hot boyfriend” Lashley. The Almighty One came to the ring.

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Lashley said he’s going to ask Lana to marry him once the divorce is over. Rusev told Lashley to take her because she’s “just bad.” Rusev signed the papers and said he’d have a match with Lashley on Rusev Day. Lashley attacked Rusev but the Bulgarian Brute suplexed Lashley through a table.

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