Ruby Soho On AEW Debut: It Felt Like ‘Home’ Immediately From The Moment I Walked Out There

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Ruby Soho On AEW Debut: It Felt Like ‘Home’ Immediately From The Moment I Walked Out There

ruby soho

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Choosing the perfect theme song in professional wrestling is an extremely important thing, and Ruby Soho has exactly that.

Newly-signed AEW star Ruby Soho made her promotional debut as the ‘Joker’ at All Out during the Women’s Casino Battle Royale, and her arrival came with a very recognizable theme song. The former Ruby Riott got her name and entrance theme from Rancid’s “Ruby Soho,” as bandmember (and Wrestling Perspective co-host) Lars Frederiksen was also the one who suggested she use them in the first place. Ruby went into more detail during the post-show media scrum where Wrestlezone’s own Dominic DeAngelo asked her about that unlikely collaboration and how exciting it was for her to do.

“So I’ve been a fan of Rancid for a very, very long time and coincidentally enough—I don’t know if you guys know this but a lot of punk bands are big wrestling fans. Lars [Frederiksen] and I have became friends over the last couple years and I had kind of come upon a time where I was like ‘okay, I need to know what name I’m going to go by and what my music is going to be’ and he suggested and like bestowed upon me, Ruby Soho and the music. And I was on camera and I couldn’t even contain my excitement because it just seemed surreal and coming out to it tonight and hearing people sing it and chant Ruby Soho and ‘that’s me,’ was amazing,” she explained. “It was like my love of punk rock and professional wrestling came together tonight in this beautiful story that’s just indescribable.”

Soho was then asked by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp about how she felt about people chanting her new name before she ever stepped foot into the company as well as the fans’ reaction to her vignettes leading up to her debut.

“I have never experienced anything like that before. To have people have that anticipation for me to come out and for people to want that and for people to get it and get excited, is something I think all of us in the wrestling industry thrive for. That moment of just being accepted, wanted and welcomed at this new, incredible company that you work for. Like that’s scary, right? Working in a new place, [thinking] ‘am I going to be accepted? Am I going to fit in?’ It just felt like home immediately from the moment I walked out there. It was incredible,” Ruby said. “The videos that were put out, I was so happy with the reception of them. People understood the story and it seemed like people felt the actual journey that I went on and the struggle that I went through. Now, it’s almost like a rebirth that I’m at now. It was awesome.”

Ruby Soho would go on to win the Women’s Casino Battle Royale at All Out and in doing so, earned a future title opportunity against AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker. Ruby also spoke to the media about what it means to have a platform like AEW and what she’s looking forward to; you can watch her full media scrum at the link below.

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