Ruby Soho Addresses Not Taking Sides in AEW Originals vs. Outsiders Dispute

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In current weeks, Ruby Soho has actually discovered herself in the middle of a war waged by 2 dominant systems of the AEW ladies’s lineup. Soho, who was stayed neutral so far, has actually been gone after by the Originals and Outsiders of the females’s department.

Throughout a current look on the Grapsody podcast, Soho talked about the continuous Originals vs. Outsiders competition ahead of the March 5th AEW Revolution pay-per-view occasion.

You can have a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

Ruby Soho on not taking sides in dispute in between homegrown AEW skill and the outsiders:” I have actually informed a great deal of individuals I do not even understand how I wound up here. I do not understand how I wound up in the middle. I seem like I remained in the incorrect location at the incorrect time a lot of times. Where I’m simply attempting to come to work and I’m attempting to win matches and I’m attempting go house. That’s all I do. I simply mind my service, I do what I require to go and do ’cause once again, I’m too old for it. Now I’m in this position where I’m being pulled in both instructions and I do not actually desire to go either. I’m selecting my side if I had to select a side. That’s the side I’m selecting. That’s all I can depend on is me since at the end of the day. I’m winning the title if I’m winning the title. Not a group. I did the group thing prior to. I did it for 4 years. A few of the very best times of my whole life. I ain’t doing it once again. I’m over it. I’m picking my side. I’m selecting me and I’m the only individual I can depend upon to ensure I take house that gold. As far as the feline battle crap that keeps occurring, I would like for it to simply stop. I do not understand how to run away from it and still run towards the gold. I seem like it’s simply something I need to navigate through in order to get to where I wish to be. Yeah, it’s been an experience.”

On the divide in the ladies’s department:” I believe this divide was a long period of time coming. Since of how numerous individuals that have actually come from someplace else coming into the business, it was going to occur regardless. I believe that it was inescapable due to the fact that, after a while, the homegrowns resemble, ‘We constructed this location,’ and the outsiders resemble, ‘We came here to attempt to make this location much better.’ I believe that there’s an argument on both sides. I believe that this was inescapable. I was simply lucky sufficient to be stuck in the middle when it pertained to fulfillment.”

Her ideas on Saraya:” I’ve certainly constantly been a fan of Saraya. I’ve constantly taken a look at her as somebody who led the way for a lady like me to be accepted in the wrestling market. I seem like alternative lady, with individuals like her and Lita, if it wasn’t for them, I would not have actually been as accepted as I have actually been over the last couple of years. I certainly have significant quantities of regard for her. I have, undoubtedly, when my hair was longer and it was black due to the fact that females can just be viewed as comparable by the color and length of their hair, I was compared to her a lot throughout my early days of my profession. While that was an honor to be compared to someone with the skill quality of her, I was certainly out to reveal that I was various which we are 2 really various rivals. I believe among the factors that is likewise a dream circumstance for individuals is to see how various we actually are. The one method you can truly show that is to enter the ring together. I’m delighted to see precisely how that interaction happens. I’m likewise thrilled to step into the ring with somebody I’ve had a lot of regard for a truly long time.”

On Jamie Hayter’s title run:” After having actually seen Jamie’s reign so far, she has actually been a definitely extraordinary champ, without a shadow of a doubt. She has actually shown to everybody why they supported her. Why the fans were fascinated with her for the last couple of months and rooting for her and essentially shouting for everybody to take notice of Jamie Hayter. She has actually shown it with each and every single match she’s had. She highlighted a battle in every lady that she’s had. Which is what a real champ does, is to draw out an unique level of battle to bring the value of this title. I believe there are gon na be some huge shoes to complete that circumstances.”

Ruby Soho will challenge Jamie Hayter and Saraya in a Triple Threat match for the AEW Women’s World Championship this Sunday at AEW Revolution.

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