Ruby Riott Reveals That Ronda Rousey Requested To Work With Her On WWE RAW

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Ruby Riott Reveals That Ronda Rousey Requested To Work With Her On WWE RAW

ruby riott

Photo Credit: WWE

Ruby Riott recently spoke with The Wrestling Perspective where she discussed a match she had with Ronda Rousey on RAW a few years ago. Ruby revealed that Ronda actually requested the match herself.

Ruby said, “It was surprising to me. She is an incredible person. My match with her at Elimination Chamber was very short. The story was not based around me. It was based around what was ready to happen. The weekend prior, we had done a lot. We did a couple of house shows and had this match that we were so proud of and so excited. It was an amazing thing to be able to bring her style in what I wanted to do. For us to be able to tell this story, that’s the story that I want to tell is with somebody who has a completely different style than I have. Especially with her, I wanted to make sure it was like, if you get me in a hold, it’s game over. I asked her, ‘what’s illegal in MMA? Those are the things I want to do to you.’ It was so much of our brainchild.”

Continuing on, Ruby talked about being able to wrestle Ronda on PPV or TV twice in a span of 24 hours. She said “Elimination Chamber came and it didn’t come to fruition as we had hoped. After that, I was bummed, but I understood. She actually rallied for me to have a rematch. She pitched for it and pushed for it hard and got it to happen. The following night, I main evented Raw for the first time and we had this match that we had worked so hard on perfecting and it’s probably one of my favorite matches I had in the company. There was so much that led up to it and so much time and such a story that I wanted to tell that I didn’t think I would be able but because Ronda is the best, she allowed me to do that. I was really grateful. It was bleeding into WrestleMania and she was going to main event WrestleMania. I knew there was a lot of trust in me to have a match with her, let alone have a good match. She was the star.”

Thanks to Fightful for providing transcriptions. You can watch the entire interview below.

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